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Philanthropy at Martin Resorts

Martin Resorts is committed to great causes and serving our community at our collection of Central California green hotels. Explore the many ways we give back below.

Martin Resorts Water Conservation Program 

Water Conservation Martin Resorts Infographic Your stay is sustainable with our Martin Resorts Water Conservation Program. Our Central California hotels recently implemented practices to make our hotels, restaurant, community and Earth a better place. When you're staying with us, rest assured we are doing everything we can to create a sustainable and water conserving experience. We have adopted a wide variety of water-responsible practices, including a new program to offer guests a $10 credit for foregoing housekeeping services. In addition, the hotels have already removed large areas of grass, replacing it with drought tolerant plants or artificial turf. Our hope is that by education both our guests and employees about our efforts to save water, that they will also take the knowledge home, helping our state overall.

Property initiatives include:

  • Replacing aerators on all faucets which reduce water flow by 30 percent.
  • Preventative maintenance to check all valves, faucets and toilets for leaks.
  • All toilets use 20 percent less water than required by federal standards.
  • Tent cards placed in guest rooms to educate guests on water saving habits.
  • Washing machines have been replaced with energy/water efficient machines. These machines will use only the amount of water needed based on weight of the load.
  • A $10 nightly credit to any guest willing to forego housekeeping service on multiple night stays.
  • Replaced glassware in the rooms and breakfast room with non-washable biodegradable cups and dishware.
  • An incentive program has been created for housekeeping teams at the properties that show measurable savings on each billing cycle.
  • Replaced lawn areas with drought tolerant landscaping, artificial turf, or stone patios.
  • Completely stopped watering some large lawn areas

Property Water Reduction Reports:

  • Shore Cliff Hotel
    • 2014 Total Gallons Per Room: 2,693
    • 2015 Total Gallons Per Room: 2,370
  • Pismo Lighthouse Suites
    • 2014 Total Gallons Per Room: 3,674
    • 2015 Total Gallons Per Room: 3,064
  • Paso Robles Inn
    • 2013 Total Gallons Per Room: 4,278
    • 2014 Total Gallons Per Room: 3,932
    • 2015 Total Gallons Per Room: 2,880
  • Inn at the Cove
    • 2013 Total Gallons Per Room: 2,610
    • 2014 Total Gallons Per Room: 2,452
    • 2015 Total Gallons Per Room: 2,392

Community Support

We’re in the business of serving people, and that extends to our community as well as our business. We support our community locally and nationally.

Martin Resorts is proud to support the Pismo Preserve Project. To further aid in the construction of this new trail system, Martin Resorts will donate $1 to the project for every direct booking at a Martin Resorts Pismo Beach hotel during the month of September!

Clean the World

Since 2011 Martin Resorts has been a proud partner with Clean the World, to collect and recycle soaps, shampoos, conditioners, lotions and gels that help fight the global spread of preventable disease. These efforts reduce unneeded waste from entering local landfills, while providing new hygiene products to impoverished areas that otherwise would not have any.


Martin Resorts is also proud to support:

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