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Your Guide to Paso Robles Martin Resorts Blog
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Your Guide to Paso Robles Martin Resorts Blog
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Your Guide to Paso Robles Martin Resorts Blog

The Mystery of Room 1007

Founded in 1864, the Paso Robles Inn is one of the most historic buildings in Paso Robles, and with history comes a lot of mystery. After the first event was held in the newly renovated ballroom in 2001, the front desk at the Paso Robles Inn began to receive mysterious calls often on dark, stormy nights. The weird part? The calls always came from Room 1007, and there was never anyone on the other end of the line after the front desk clerk picked it up. But it gets weirder—a staff member would go to Room 1007 after each of the calls, only to discover an empty room.

Concerned that there was a glitch in the phone system, the Inn asked the phone company to investigate the occurrences, but they didn’t find anything wrong with the hotel’s phone system. After that, the hotel staff started joking around that a ghost was making the phone calls and logged each time they received one of these phantom calls at the front desk. It was all fun and games until Room 1007 called 911 one evening. The police responded, and just like the hotel staff before them, found the room to be empty. If people didn’t think there was a ghost in Room 1007 before, they definitely did now.

Intrigued by the strangeness of the phone calls, the former Manager began rereading articles about the 1940 fire that destroyed the original hotel. He discovered that on the night of the fire, the 911 call went out around 9:05 p.m., close to the time that night clerk J.H. Emsley sounded the alarm warning guests of the fire. Because of Emsley’s heroic action, every guest was evacuated from the hotel safely—except for Emsley, who died of a heart attack before he knew if all the guests were safe from harm.

This leaves us to wonder, is Emsley still trying to keep everyone at the Paso Robles Inn safe from harm as unfinished business? Whatever the case may be, Room 1007 is one of the most highly requested rooms at the Paso Robles Inn.

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