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Your Guide to Paso Robles Martin Resorts Blog
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Your Guide to Paso Robles Martin Resorts Blog
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Your Guide to Paso Robles Martin Resorts Blog

133 Years of Paso Robles: A Visual History of Where it All Began

March 11th, 2022 marks the 133rd anniversary of the founding of a little town that holds a big place in our heart—the beautiful Paso Robles, California. It's a place with roots that go deep and where the good life is savored and shared with a welcoming spirit that's defined our city since the beginning.

Established in 1889, the very same year that El Paso Robles de Robles was founded as a city, our own Paso Robles Inn was influential in defining the region that we know and love today—a catalyst for the wine country experiences that have attracted visitors for over a century.  The Inn is rooted so deeply in the heritage and history of the town that it's inseparable from the legacy that makes Paso Robles such a treasured destination. Read on below to learn more about the impact our historic hotel had in establishing one of California's most sought-after wine country towns.