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Your Guide to Paso Robles Martin Resorts Blog
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Your Guide to Paso Robles Martin Resorts Blog
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Your Guide to Paso Robles Martin Resorts Blog

Avoid Faux Paws: 5 Tips for a California Dog Beach

With seemingly endless stretches of sand to run across, plenty of furry friends to play with, and a continuous cycle of crashing waves to jump in, the Central Coast's many dog-friendly beaches are your furry friend's dream come true. Taking your dog to the beach is one experience that you'll both get a kick out of, but it's important to be prepared with the help of these tips to avoid making any faux paws. 

1. Choose a Dog-Friendly Beach

On the Central Coast, we're lucky to have easy access to several dog-friendly beaches, parks, and even hotels—making San Luis Obispo county the perfect destination when you're traveling with a dog. Before you bring your dog to the beach, double check to make sure they're allowed to avoid fines or other consequences. As you head up the coast, stop on the left side of the Pismo Beach pier where dogs are permitted, visit dog-friendly Olde Port Beach in Port San Luis, spend some time at Spooner's Cove in Montana de Oro, or go leash-free at North Point Beach in Morro Bay to give man's best friend the chance to enjoy Central Coasting as much as you do. If surf and sand aren't your thing, visit Dinosaur Caves Park in Pismo Beach, Sherwood Dog Park in Paso Robles, or Laguna Lake Park in SLO.

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2. Do Your Duty

Pun intended. Picking up your pup's messes are Dog Owning 101. The best part of the beach is feeling the sand squishing between your toes, and nothing else. While it's always a good idea to bring your own doggie bags to the beach, pet waste bags are usually provided at designated dog beaches and parks—leaving you no excuse not to clean up after your dog. While you're there, be sure to watch your dog closely so you can catch them in the act before it's too late!

3. Vaccination Before Vacation

Because designated dog beaches allow our companions to run freely off-leash, there's no telling what kind of trouble they can get themselves into. That being said, it's important to have your dog appropriately ID'd and vaccinated. Puppies who haven't gotten their vaccinations should avoid dog beaches as a disease prevention strategy. Diseases like the parvovirus can be easily transmitted by any person, animal, or object that comes in contact with an infected dog's feces and can live in the environment for months. Places where there are many dogs (like the dog beach) can be a hot spot for this virus to thrive, so it's important to get your dog vaccinated before taking them on a vacation.

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4. Just Add Water

Everybody loves a salty snack, but when it comes to water only the freshest will do. Just like humans, spending extended periods of time in the sun can leave dogs dehydrated, tired, and even sunburnt! If your dog drinks too much salt water during your time at the dog beach, they may get sick, try to avoid this at all costs. While you're playing with your pup, be sure to take frequent breaks and coax them to drink fresh water or lay in the shade to keep their health strong and their energy high.

5. Toy Around

What's a trip to the beach without toys? Frisbees, tennis balls, and tug-o-war ropes are dog beach essentials. When you stay at one of Martin Resort's dog-friendly hotels, your furry friend will receive a welcome basket including a frisbee, blanket, bowl, treats, and more—which are all perfect to bring along with you on your next outing! Whatever toys you decide to bring, be prepared to share or even lose a couple items. As soon as you toss that ball across the beach, there's no telling how many other pups will chase after it, but that's the whole fun of the dog beach anyway!

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The Central Coast is the Perfect Destination for Dog-Friendly Travel

Staying in Paso Robles? We understand that your pets are part of the family and we want your pet to be as comfortable as you are, therefore, we have created a pet-friendly guide to Paso Robles, directing you to dog-friendly restaurants and wineries around town. After your wine country adventures, wind down in one of our dog-friendly rooms at the Paso Robles Inn or The Piccolo.

Or, play in Pismo Beach at Pismo Lighthouse Suites with a private balcony off your room with a grassy lawn for your pet to enjoy! Another option for you and your furry friend is reserving a pet-friendly room at Shore Cliff Hotel. Both our Pismo Beach hotels are situated closely to many dog-friendly adventures, view our  Pet’s Guide.

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