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Your 2019 Graduation Gift Guide

Every year as soon as May and June come around, Pomp and Circumstance makes its annual come back across high school and college campuses throughout the country as thousands of students prepare for one chapter of their lives to close and enter into their next grand adventure. It’s graduation season, and it can be a busy one. With the beautiful Cal Poly State University located in our very own backyard, we understand that between the ceremonies, parties, and dinners, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of celebrations and let thoughtful gifts fall to the wayside as you scramble to respond to graduation announcements. After all, kids these days just want cash anyway, right? Wrong.

study by the Harris Group showed that millennials are prioritizing personal experiences over material items like cars, homes, and nice clothes more than any preceding generation. In fact, 78% of millennials prefer to spend money on experiences than on things. This means that our 2019 graduates are looking to connect better with friends, their community, and the world around them through live, interactive experiences—and what better way to do that than by traveling? That’s why our 2019 Graduation Gift Guide is all about giving experiences to the eager young minds who appreciate it most. Read on below to find out how easy (and affordable) Martin Resorts can make graduation gift-giving this year.

1. Give Travel with Martin Resorts eGift Cards

Perfect for friends, family, or the intern at work, Martin Resorts eGift Cards invite lucky recipients to enjoy a Central Coast vacation in beautiful San Luis Obispo County at any of our properties. For any graduate, give them the chance to experience something new and extraordinary—give travel. They’ll remember their trip (and the person who gave it to them) forever. Click here to purchase and customize an eGift Card now.

2. Give GoPro Memories

The same Harris study mentioned above which found that millennials prioritize experiences over items also discussed why that is. According to the study, distributing photos on social media is a huge motivator for millennial’s spending choices. A need for recognition and the fear of missing out are factors that drive millennials’ craving for experiences. So, why not steer into the curve by giving your graduate an experience worth sharing online and the tools to do it with through Shore Cliff Hotel‘s GoPro Adventure Package.

When you gift this package, Grads will experience easy access to exciting Pismo Beach activities like kayaking, ATV’ing, or horseback riding and the ability to conveniently document all of their adventures with a rented GoPro to share on social media later. The rental program includes a waterproof GoPro Hero 5 Session Camera, a 3-in-1 Mount with camera grip, extension arm, and tripod, and a 32 GB Memory Card rental which is available for purchase so users can keep their GoPro memories forever. When the fun is done, your Grad will love sharing their GoPro shots on Instagram for all their friends and family to see. Just make sure they use #CentralCoasting when they post them!

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3. Give Relaxation at Spa Avila

After four years of heavy class loads, stressful tests and projects, little sleep, and unbalanced meals made up of Top Ramen and Mac & Cheese, your Grad is long overdue for some rest and relaxation. Reward all their hard work with a rejuvenating treatment at Spa Avila at Avila Lighthouse Suites to alleviate any remaining post-grad anxieties or strained muscles. At Spa Avila, Grads will attain tranquility as therapists guide them on a relaxing journey with time-honored warm seashell massages or an invigorating citrus body scrub. With an extensive Spa Menu full of luxurious services and treatments, we’re sure there’s something to soothe whatever ails them. After spending years hunched over a desk and penny pinching, your Grad will appreciate the ability to indulge in much-needed self-care.

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From all of us at Martin Resorts, Congratulations Class of 2019!

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