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Why Fall is the Best Time for a California Wedding

Typically, Fall isn’t the first season to come to mind when thinking of great weddings. Here on the Central Coast, however, fall is known to be one of the most stunning times of year.

1. Stunning Color Schemes

Though fall is not usually thought of as wedding season, it is known as a time of rich, natural beauty and striking color. Play off this color in your floral arrangements and decor, and play off the season’s natural beauty for rich, warm tones you can’t get for free at any other time of year.


2. Cozy Vibes

With the right color scheme, the possibilities for coziness are endless. Fall evenings on the Central Coast can get a bit chilly, so why not incorporate some cozy details? Blankets, hot chocolate, mulled wine, and hot apple cider are just a few of the cozy touches you can add to make your fall wedding memorable for all.


3. Delicious Dishes

Say goodbye to the boring basics: chicken, or vegetarian? Fall weddings are the perfect opportunity to serve up delicious and unique dishes to keep your guests cozy. Grilled cheese and tomato soup, anyone? What about pie instead of cake? The opportunities really are limitless, and your guests will thank you for the change of pace.


4. Discount Venues

Perhaps the greatest perk of fall weddings is the availability of incredible venues at deep discounts. On the Central Coast, book your special day at Avila Lighthouse Suites or Paso Robles Inn for a gorgeous wedding at an unbeatable price.


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