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What to Expect at Your First Yoga Class

Yoga has become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason! There are tons of benefits for your mind, body, and soul when you regularly practice yoga, making it one of the best, all-encompassing workouts you can participate in. Diving into your first yoga experience can be intimidating though! For those new to yoga, or even for the yogi veteran, the Inn at the Cove is beginning their Summer Yoga Series with classes every Saturday morning! At 10AM on the Cove’s beautiful oceanfront lawn, Central Coast native and yoga extraordinaire Lindsay Coates will be teaching classes to guests and visitors alike! If it’s you’re first yoga class, read some of Lindsay’s tips for what to expect:

What to Wear

If you’ve never done yoga before you might have no idea what those experienced yogis will be sporting at your first yoga class. Don’t be turned off by stereotypes of high-end brands or yoga clothes though, as what to wear is more about function than fashion! “Wear any comfortable, stretchable clothes,” Lindsay explains.

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What to Bring

“Bring a yoga mat if you have one, if not we will provide one,” says Lindsay, referring to her class at the Inn at the Cove. Mats will be available for use provided by the hotel during the class if you’re trying it out for the first time and don’t want to splurge on your own yet! Lindsay also explains, “Since the class is outside, wear sunscreen and bring sunglasses or a hat.”

What to Eat

There’s nothing worse than overeating or feeling uncomfortable before a workout, so use Lindsay’s tips to have the best class every! “I wouldn’t recommend eating before, unless you’ve had an hour to digest,” she explains.

If You’re Nervous…

“…try to relax,” says Lindsay! Don’t let your hesitation stop you from having a great time trying something new. Lindsay continues, “Everybody is at a different level and you should always be able to find a variation that is safe and works for you!”

(c) @lindsaycartercoates

Some Terms to Know

“”Ujjayi Breath’ is something you’ll hear a lot,” Lindsay explains, “That is a specific type of breath in and out through your nose, it sounds a little bit like Darth Vader.” Another term Lindsay mentioned is Sun Salutation. Lindsay explains this “will be said in many yoga classes. There are a lot of different variations and levels, but it usually involves a plank pose, to Downward Dog transition and can be added on to with lunges and different standing poses.”

Lindsay’s Best Advice for First-Timers

“Relax, and don’t worry about what anybody else is doing, just focus on you. I see a lot of new students looking around to see what other students are doing. Try not to focus on them, especially if they seem to be doing more advanced things, because that is an easy way to injure yourself if you’re trying to look like someone else. Yoga is an individual practice and you should always do what feels best for you.”

(c) @lindsaycartercoates

Visit the Shore Cliff Hotel to participate in an outdoor yoga class, starting Saturday, May 27th! Learn more about Lindsay and where to take her classes at www.lindsaycartercoates.com.





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