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Water Conservation Update

California experienced a serious drought in recent years, with a height in the drought very recently. Areas all over the state were encountering many issues associated with the abnormal dryness and the effects did not go unnoticed. Luckily, there was an exceptional rainy season as of recently, especially right here on the Central Coast. It has been an amazing to once again greet the lush, green mountains and beautiful foliage native to the area. Although it may look like our water problems have ended, droughts have been an ongoing issue in the state for many years. This is why Martin Resorts committed to making a difference by reducing their water usage at all of their hotel properties! Learn more about the different ways we are striving to reduce our water efforts and help the community below:

Martin Resorts Water Conservation Program

The five beautiful hotel properties along the Central Coast of Martin Resorts are all making changes to become greener. Through a wide range of initiatives, we have been continuously making changes to support water conservation and creating greener properties. Some of our changes include:

• Replacing aerators on faucets, reducing water flow by 30%

• Preventative maintenance to ensure no leaks in all plumbing

• All toilets use 20% less water than required by federal standards

• Tent cards in guest rooms to educate on water saving habits during their stay

• All washing machinery replaced with energy and water efficient machines

• $10 nightly credit to any guest willing to forego housekeeping services on multiple night stays

• Replacing glassware in rooms and breakfast services with biodegradable cups/dishware

• Incentive programs for housekeeping teams that show measurable savings on each billing cycle

• Replacing lawn areas with drought tolerant landscaping

These initiatives have ensured that our guests are not only having the best possible experience, but also that our properties are constantly working towards a greener world. We have received amazing feedback from our guests regarding these programs as we work hand-in-hand to conserve water!

Clean the World Program

Since 2011, Martin Resorts has also been a part of the Clean the World Program. This foundation saw a need to help the many people affected by disease and illness related to a lack of access to hygiene products and medical systems in developing countries. In order to help save lives, Clean the World provides soap, healthy water, sanitation, and hygiene to those in need. Through hospitality partners like Martin Resorts, the first hotels to implement this program in the area, products can be recycled to help fight the global spread of disease. This also helps reduce waste in local landfills, creating a more beautiful California!

Martin Resorts is proud to support these programs and to make steps towards creating a greener Central Coast. We love seeing our guests contribute towards water conservation and encourage them to enjoy their stay at our properties to the fullest, knowing they are helping a great cause. To learn more about our water conservation efforts and other philanthropic endeavors, please visit our website: www.martinresorts.com/about/philanthropy!

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