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Tin City: The Central Coast’s Newest Tasting Experience

Tin City is Paso Robles’ newest, most unique tasting experience. Located in an industrial park just south of Paso Robles, Tin City is home to over 20 winery, distillery, and brewery tasting rooms. Though Tin City is just a few years old, the 20-acre complex is a “drinker’s paradise,” says Patrick Brooks, partner at Tin City’s premiere craft spirit distillery, Wine Shine.

This urban wine trail has garnered attention from locals and visitors for its easy navigation and full variety. At this early point in Tin City’s fledgling years, however, not every tasting destination has regular daily hours. Some, including BarrelHouse Brewing Co. and Tin City Cider Co., are open daily, while many of the wine tasting rooms have irregular hours or require appointments for visits. The upside to these spotty hours is the guarantee that when the tasting rooms are open, it is the winemaker him/herself behind the counter filling your glass. For a guide to each tasting room’s hours, check here.

We payed Tin City a visit to investigate the excitement for ourselves. Our first stop was the beating heart of the tasting operation, BarrelHouse Brewing Co. After a flight of their beers on tap at the indoor bar and a few rounds of corn hole in their lovely outdoor beer garden, we were already hooked on the Tin City experience. From the friendly brewer/bartenders and unlimited pretzels and mustard, to outdoor seating, games, and fresh barbecue food, BarrelHouse offers guests a wide variety of entertainment for an enjoyable afternoon.

Our next stop was at the complex’s name sake, Tin City Cider Co. To our surprise, the friendly bartender who had served us at BarrelHouse just moments ago sat across the bar from another friendly face who was serving cider. It was then we realized the unique collaborative spirit of Tin City, and couldn’t wait to visit as many tasting rooms as the remaining daylight hours would permit!

After a brief visit to Tin City Cider Co., a sign that read, “Negranti Creamery – Coming Soon” piqued our interest as we walked next door to wine tasting room, Sans Liege, which specializes in red wines. Negranti Creamery will be one of the first of many coming locations for food and treats opening within the next year at Tin City. We went on to Sans Liege. After a short chat with the tasting room attendant about the area, we left we several recommendations to other wineries in Tin City she thought we may enjoy. Again, we felt the same sense of collaboration and camaraderie we noticed at Tin City Cider Co. just minutes before.

After a few more stops and chats with tasting room staff, we learned that plans to expand business at Tin City are in the works. Plans include inviting food trucks to serve visitors on a daily basis, expanding hours at all tasting venues, and opening restaurants within the industrial parks so that visitors can spend the day in Tin City.

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