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Try the Trend: Artisan Ice Cream of the Central Coast

It looks like we may have emerged from the cold and wet weather that has plagued the Central Coast for the last couple of months. That means sunny skies and warmer weather are in the forecast! With even warmer temperatures on the way, it’s time to check out the new wave of shops filling many previously empty storefronts—artisan ice cream. From the new and trendy Nite Creamery in SLO to the classic Doc Burnstein’s, you can’t wrong with any of these artisan scoops!

Doc Burnstein’s

You scream, I scream, we all scream for Doc Burnstein’s! Handcrafted in-store, new flavors are always being experimented with. Today, Doc’s has a selection of over 140 ice cream recipes, each one more unique than the last. Every month, there’s an entire menu of new specials to choose from. Whatever you select, it’ll be just what the doctor ordered. Stay with us at one of our Pismo area hotels, and you can find Doc’s delicious ice cream just up the road at Sheila’s Sweet Treats or in Arroyo Grande at their Branch Street location. Those staying at Avila Lighthouse Suites can find the ice cream at Hula Hut, just a short walk up the beach!

Nite Creamery

With a newly opened location in downtown SLO, Nite Creamery uses science for a better scoop. They find that using nitrogen in the process of creating ice cream creates a smoother, creamier, and better scoop of ice cream, and serve their “nitrocrafted” delights with ease. Serving their elegantly-crafted and fun flavors (such as Mint Mojito and Peanut Butter Nutella) in a puffy, thick waffle cone, Nite Creamery is a cool, refreshing, and fun place to grab a scoop. In keeping with their name, they are open nightly from 3:30-10:30 PM.

Negranti Creamery

Lactose intolerant? No problem! A staple of San Luis Obispo’s food truck and foodie community, Negranti Creamery has created fantastic flavors using sheep’s milk that not only tastes good but leaves you feeling good about the fresh, wholesome ingredients it’s made from. Negranti is opening a new location soon in the San Luis Obispo Public Market, which will offer their classic sheep’s milk ice cream in addition to regular cow’s milk ice cream. Locals rave about their ice cream flavors, which explore unique combinations and are always creamy and filled with natural flavor. Just a short drive down the 101 from our very own Paso Robles Inn, Negranti Creamery is a can’t miss desert spot if you’re in the area!

(c) Dana Devolk via Unsplash
(c) Dana Devolk via Unsplash



Batch is a purely customizable ice cream shop, where warm, gooey cookies combine with classic ice cream for delicious and easy-to-eat sandwiches. You can mix and match with the flavors you prefer – If you’d like a peanut butter cookie on one side, double chocolate on the other, and cookies and cream ice cream in the center – Batch can make that happen. Batch is located in downtown SLO and is a longstanding local favorite. Order a root beer float or ice cream on its own if you’re not feeling a sandwich. Either way, you’re sure to be pleased with these tasty creations on a sunny afternoon! Centrally located between our 5 resorts, make a day trip to SLO and check out Batch for yourself. It’s a truly unique experience!

(c) Jessica Irvin via Unsplash
(c) Jessica Irvin via Unsplash


Enjoy your trip to the Central Coast by taking in some of our favorite local ice creams, and don’t forget to share the experience with #CentralCoasting!

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