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The Historic Mural At The Paso Robles Inn

The Paso Robles Inn has always been known for its historic charm and its infamous visitors like Marilyn Monroe, John Wayne or Frank and Jesse James. However, a lesser-known historical visitor is beginning to rise in popularity. Muralist, designer and commercial artist: Jon S. Oshanna is the artist behind the mural in the Paso Robles Inn’s coffee shop, which was built in the early 1940s. Another notable piece by Oshanna was recently discovered and restored in a historic hotel in San Francisco to a rather large fanfare. This mural depicts Mission Dolores,  San Francisco’s oldest building and California’s oldest mission.


What we know of  Oshanna is that was born in Persia on Oct. 27, 1895, and later moved to California with his parents in the early 1900s. He attended an art school in Los Angeles and worked as a commercial artist until 1920 when he moved to San Francisco and began his work as a muralist. Oshanna created art for hotels across California and also famously in Hawaii, he later passed away in Burlingame, California on March 12, 1980.

The coffee shop mural displays a vivid illustration of what some of the earliest settlers in Paso Robles might have looked like, giving viewers a glimpse into a different time period. Although we don’t have have a ton of knowledge about Oshanna’s background, we do know that he is regarded as an important example of California Impressionism. This movement began in 19th Century France and focused on capturing “impressions” of everyday life.

Enveloping all the main characteristics of the movement, loose brushwork, rich color, and, most of all, a fascination with the effects of sunlight, the coffee shop mural is a prime example of California Impressionism. We are excited to get the word out about our hidden gem, we invite art enthusiasts to come and enjoy the legacy that Oshanna left behind.

If you’re looking for a bite to eat while enjoying the mural, The Steakhouse has all the treats an art connoisseur could need and if you’re looking to fully relax, take a dip in your own private spa tub when you stay at the Paso Robles Inn.

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