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The Best Wine to Pair with Rib Eye Steak

National Steakhouse Month is in full swing—and the celebration has our mouths watering for a juicy steak from The Steakhouse at the Paso Robles Inn. At The Steakhouse, all steaks are premium Angus Choice or Prime cuts that have been hand trimmed and aged precisely for juicy tenderness. Chef Ryan offers 5 different cuts of steak to choose from including top sirloin, New York strip, slow roasted prime rib, filet mignon, and rib eye. To help you enjoy National Steakhouse Month we’ve picked out the best drinks to pair with your steak, featuring a new combination on the blog each week. This week, discover the best wine to pair with rib eye steak, so you can enjoy the best of Paso Robles wine country while indulging at the best Steakhouse in town.

The Cut: Rib Eye

From its name, we know that rib eye is a boneless beef steak sliced from the rib. This cut of meat is tender, rich, juicy, and full of flavor. The beautiful marbling of the meat allows the steak to remain tender during most cooking processes, and often times the only seasoning this cut really calls for is some simple salt.

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The Pairing: Cabernet Sauvignon

According to the experts, the best wine to pair with a succulent rib eye steak is a bold Cabernet Sauvignon like Daou Estate’s 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon, available on The Steakhouse’s wine menu. In wine-making, tannins are the textural elements that make wine taste dry, adding bitterness and complexity to red wines. The fatty marbling of the rib eye steak, in particular, softens these tannins, allowing you to enjoy a more intense red wine with your juicy cut of meat. The tannins in a Cabernet Sauvignon cut through the fat and juices of the rib eye, bringing ripe and fruity flavors to the flavorful quality of the steak, making for a perfect combination.

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Try It Yourself

Have we tempted your taste buds enough yet? Lucky for you, you can enjoy Daou’s Cabernet Sauvignon and Chef Ryan’s delicious Rib Eye at The Steakhouse at the Paso Robles Inn any night of the week! Dinner is served from 5-9 PM Tuesday-Thursday, 5-10 PM Friday-Saturday, and 4-8 PM on Sundays. View our dinner menu and our wine menu. Reserve your table now!


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