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Hidden Gems of the Central Coast: Sylvester’s Burgers

The Central Coast is full of hidden gems unknown to the average traveler.  Residents flock to certain beaches, restaurants, and shops for unique and special items native to this area.  Although visitors love the abundance of delicious restaurants fit for the most devoted foodie, many of the best eateries are concealed in the midst of more popular or crowded spots.  Sylvester’s Burgers is one of these hidden gems, creating a devoted following through their juicy burgers and family-owned approach.  Of the two locations, the original restaurant is hidden on an unnoticeable side street in the city of Los Osos.  Definitely not for those looking for a light dinner, these hearty meals will be messy, but unbelievably delicious.

When you walk into Sylvester’s, the smell alone will make your mouth water as you gaze at the beautiful burger options awaiting you.  With a huge menu containing over seventeen beef burger options and six other meat options, there is a burger for any type of taste bud.  Each burger is offered in a 1/3 pound or ½ pound size, ensuring no patrons ever leave hungry.  From the classic Old Fashion to a more adventurous Habanero Mango, these burgers are fit to satisfy any appetite.  Sylvester’s regulars love the California, with avocado and pepper jack, and the Baja, with spicy chipotle sauce, homemade salsa, pepper jack, and mayo.  They have every type of burger you could imagine, even the Heart Attack, which boasts a fried egg, bacon, avocado, and cheddar cheese.  Unique to this burger joint is the Sylvester’s Sauce, which every burger is smothered in to ensure they are true to their motto, “Big, Hot ‘n JUICY!”  The sauce balances many of the fiery options available or adds the perfect blend of sweet and spicy to more tame flavors.

Photo: (c) Instagram @sylvestersburgers
(c) Instagram @sylvestersburgers

The abundance doesn’t stop at the burgers though, as Sylvester’s offers variations of fries, onion rings, deep fried mushrooms and zucchini, chili, and clam chowder.  The fries are the perfect combination of crispy and soft, always seasoned to perfection.  Whether you choose plain, garlic, sweet potato, or chili, you are sure to love them.   The deep fried mushrooms or zucchini have also become a favorite, both crunchy, flavorful options that are available everyday.  Their clam chowder even won the 2013 Harbor Festival Clam Chowder Contest, proving every choice is sure to delight.  Don’t forget to ask for some extra Sylvester’s sauce for you sides, free to every customer!

sylvesters spread @sylvesters burgers
(c) Instagram @sylvestersburgers


As you sit and eat what you thought was an enormous burger, take a glance at the many photos that scatter the walls, which displays brave patrons who conquered the “BIG ONE.”  This huge five-pound burger is a famous Sylvester’s challenge where customers must eat the entirety of this colossal meal by themselves in 30 minutes or less.  If you think you could beat the challenge, examine those photos closely to see the size of the “BIG ONE” more vividly and you’ll realize this burger is not for the average stomach.  The current record holder, Pat Bear, finished this monstrosity in 5 minutes and 10 seconds!  This was his second victory over the “BIG ONE” after his 1993 attempt, which only took 11 minutes.

Photo: (c) Intagram @sylvestersburgers
(c) Intagram @sylvestersburgers

Sylvester’s Burgers is a great representation of the many delicious and unique restaurants available to Central Coast residents and visitors.  Always greeted by a smile and the smell of their delicious food, Sylvester’s will be everything you want in a classic burger joint.  Visit this piece of burger paradise any day of the week from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm, you won’t be disappointed.

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