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Staff Spotlight: Lindsay F.’s 5 Favorite SLO Hikes


Meet Lindsay! She’s the Front Desk Lead at Pismo Lighthouse Suites, where you’re sure to see her helping guests check in or offering directions or advice for the local area. Lindsay is originally from Fresno, and made her way to the Central Coast in 2010 to attend Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.

Lindsay loves living in the Central Coast, especially because of the weather and scenery, the close proximity to so many beautiful beaches, (and getting to see sea life ALL the time), the local Farmer’s Markets, and the great restaurants, breweries, and wineries throughout the country. Lindsay especially loves to hike, however, and even spent a month backpacking through South East Asia last year! She has a few favorite hikes in San Luis Obispo county, and we were lucky enough to have her share them with us.


  • Point Buchon (PG&E Trail) in Montana De Oro – “It’s relatively flat the whole way, but goes all along the coast and has some awesome views. You can only hike this one certain hours. It’s PG&E land, so you have to sign in and sign out before and after the hike.” (FYI: The trail is open Thursday through Monday from 8 AM to 4 PM)
Strolling along Point Buchon. Photo: Hikespeak.com



Madonna Mountain (Cerro San Luis) in San Luis Obispo –  It’s a pretty moderate 3 mile hike round-trip (not easy, but not too difficult). There’s a parking area at the base which is really convenient, and then it’s just a short walk to the base of the mountain. The trail is pretty loose gravel a lot of the ways so you definitely have to be careful and watch where you’re walking so you don’t slip! Bring a large bottle of water because it can get pretty warm and the train isn’t really shaded at all. The view from the top is really neat—you have a really good view of the (empty) Laguna Lake area and the north part of SLO.

The view from the trail on Madonna Mountain. Photo: Hikespeak.com


  • Terrace Hill in San Luis Obispo –“This is a super easy hike, only about a five to ten minute walk to the top. I love to go up there and have a little picnic and watch the sunset! It’s pretty centrally located in SLO so it has great views of most of the town.”
terracejb photography
Terrace Hill. Photo: Jeff Booth Photography


  • Avila Ridge (Ontario Ridge) – Lindsay recommends this hike as the best one to chose if you only have a weekend to spend on the Central Coast. “It’s easy to get to from the coast, and has some great views of both Pismo and Avila Beach.”
The view of Pismo and Shell Beach from Avila Ridge. Photo: Rachel Amspoker


  • Big Falls – “It’s a little bit of a drive, but so much fun! This is a really neat hike and you get to jump off cliffs into the little pools if there’s enough water. You definitely need a big car to get there, because the road crosses a lot of little creeks along the way.”
Big Falls! Photo: Dylan Baumann

Check out our video featuring some of these awesome hikes:

Thank you Lindsay for participating in this new feature! Stay tuned for more advice and travel tips from our own hotel employees!!


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