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Our Favorite #CentralCoasting Entries: October

We can’t believe how quick October flew by! Now that we’re in full fall mode here on the Central Coast, we’re looking back at some of our favorite spooky posts from our #CentralCoasting contest! Halloween season offers so many fun activities and great moments to capture, which we certainly saw in all your posts.

Our monthly Instagram contest rewards one randomly selected winner with a free night’s stay at one of our Central Coast properties. Want to enter? Simply hashtag your favorite photos with #CentralCoasting and be entered to win. Click here for more details and contest rules.

1. “ENTER IF YOU DARE” by @centralcoastmama

What we love: looking for a way to scare off the faint of heart? This doormat lays it all out on the floor (literally). This post can’t help but make us smile! We absolutely love the sweet, silliness of this photo. Thanks for sharing @centralcoastmama!

(c) @centralcoastmama


2. “Witches Paddle in Morro Bay, California” by @lindadronphotography

What we love: this photo really captures the joy of celebrating Halloween on the Central Coast! If you haven’t visited Morro Bay for the Annual Witches on Water paddleboard parade, you’re missing out. Thanks for capturing such a wicked photo, Linda!

(c) @lindronphotography


3. “It’s Tongue out Tuesday″ by @corgi.castle

What we love: everything. We’re all about corgis in costumes and best BEE-lieve this one does not fall short. Halloween is so much more fun when you include your furry friends in the festivities. Thanks for all the BUZZ @corgi.castle

(c) @corgi.castle


4. “PokeMOM” by @vanessaolguin

What we love: this mother-daughter costume is so cute and creative! We’re so glad you chose to show off your Halloween spirit at our very own Paso Robles Inn. Thanks so much for sharing Vanessa. 


(c) @vanessaolguin


And the winner is… “#CentralCoasting” by @gkrasnow

What we love: we can definitely see the love in this photo and think that it does a great job of showing just how fun the Central Coast is. Our winner will enjoy a free one-night stay at her choice of the Martin Resorts properties. Congrats!

Want to be our winner next month? Keep on #CentralCoasting.

(c) @gkrasnow

We can’t wait to see what else this fall season holds!

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