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Our Favorite #CentralCoasting Entries: January

We couldn’t be more excited for a new year of adventures, weekend trips, family vacations, and more. Some of you are off to a great start in 2019 and have already started sharing your #CentralCoasting moments with us. We’ve gathered some of our favorites from the month of January! Check em’ out!

Not familiar with #CentralCoasting yet? Each month, we select one random #CentralCoasting entry from Instagram. The owner of this lucky photo is rewarded with a free night’s stay at one of our stunning Central Coast properties. Want to win next? Click here for details.

1. “Unexpectedly breathtaking” by @briegan

What we love: There’s nothing like taking in the beautiful landscape of the Central Coast! #CentralCoasting is all about getting out and enjoying what mother nature has to offer, just like Bri!

(c) @briegan

2. “Vacationing with the waves” by @poe_douglas

What we love: Vacation is taken to another level when you bring your furry friends along for the ride. Thanks for #CentralCoasting with us, Poe!

(c) @poe_douglas

3. “When we become adults we get jobs, drive cars, sit on couches watching Netflix. We forget to get out there and play. We lose our functional ranges of motion, we get tight, we get chronic pain. Get out there and play. Morro Beach, CA.” by @paradigm.wellness

What we love: How true is that caption, get out there and play! We all need to exercise our inner child every once in a while. Thanks for encouraging us, Paradigm Wellness!

(c) @paradigm.wellness

4. “Awesome sunset at Port SLO tonight. Gotta love this time of year” by @slocaseyv

What we love: Casey has got the eye in the sky! It’s hard to beat this time of year on the Central Coast. Thanks for #CentralCoasting with us and sharing your unique perspective, Casey!

(c) @slocaseyv

And the winner is… “Another gorgeous sunset in Pismo Beach” by @lzsj52!

What we love: The coastal view never gets old, and this cotton-candy-esque sunset is no exception! As our winner, Surabhi will enjoy a FREE 1-night stay at the Martin Resorts property of her choosing. Way to go! Keep calm, and keep #CentralCoasting 🌊


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