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Memorial Day Travel Tips

This Memorial Day weekend is expected to bring out the second-highest travel volume for this holiday ever, and the most travelers since 2005. The Automobile Association of America reports that more than 4.6 million Americans plan on traveling 50 miles or more during the Memorial Day Weekend. This is due in part to the low gas prices – the lowest in ten years – and our improved economy as a nation. The American road trip is apparently back! This might make for a “hellish” weekend of travel, but here are some tips to make sure that you make it to your Memorial Day destination and back safely and stress-free.

1. Book lodging in Advance

This is important even now, on Tuesday before the weekend, because sometimes hotels don’t fill up until Thursday or Friday of a busy holiday. But with the increased travelers this year, it’s certain that many great hotels will sell out very soon. Book as early as possible! Martin Resorts has five properties that would be a great escape during your weekend away. Check out booking at the beach at Avila Lighthouse Suites, Best Western PLUS Shore Cliff Lodge, Pismo Lighthouse Suites, & Inn at the Cove, or a wine country escape at the Paso Robles Inn.

2. Be unusually early

Travelers will also be flying the skies this weekend. If you have a flight, it’s usually recommended to arrive about an hour early. However, this weekend, it would be a better call to get to the airport 2-3 hours before your flight to account for the long and congested lines. The same goes for road travel. Give yourself enough time to get to your destination while keeping traffic into account. You wouldn’t want to miss any of your well-deserved vacation time!

3. Check tires & car

This is an important safety tip. The AAA predicts that they will rescue more that 35,000 motorists this weekend; the primary reasons being dead batteries, lockouts, and flat tires. Take your car to the shop for a quick “check-up” before hitting the road, just to ensure that you don’t run into any unfortunate (and preventable) problems during your vacation.

4. Check speed

Maintaining a safe speed on the road is important for two reasons. First, the highway patrol will be out checking for speeders on this busy holiday weekend, and you wouldn’t want a heavy ticket to ruin your trip. Secondly, driving safely will help protect yourself from any other unsafe drivers out on the road. Make sure that you’re not speeding to make sure that the trip goes as smoothly as it can, without tickets or accidents.

5. Fully charge all devices and stay connected

In case of an emergency, make sure that all your devices are charged and functional for the trip. Maybe invest in a car charger for your cell phone if you don’t have one. All in all, making sure you’re available if you need to get connected to friends, family, or an emergency hotline is the one of the most important safety trips for a weekend away.

Whether you’re traveling to the next town over or across the state, this tips will come in handy during your Memorial Day excursions. Have fun, and be safe!


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