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Meet the Makers Behind The Piccolo: If You Give a Girl a Saw

Woodworker Janine Stone Carves Her Place at The Piccolo

In the true spirit of Do-It-Yourself problem solving, Janine Stone, owner of If You Give a Girl a Saw, discovered her passion for woodworking when she was faced with the classic issue of limited storage space at her San Luis Obispo studio apartment two and a half years ago. Fortunately for The Piccolo, what started out as a simple DIY project turned into Janine’s favorite hobby, and now, her full-time job.

When The Piccolo opens this October, guests will be greeted by her authentic craftsmanship from the moment they check-in at the hotel. In the lobby, Janine’s beautiful reception desk welcomes guests, while in the rooms her custom nightstands and dressers add a touch of rustic sophistication to the upscale, urban vibes of the hotel.

What Happens When You Give a Girl a Saw

For Janine, woodworking was love at first cut. When she needed extra shoe storage for her tiny home, she took matters into her own hands—literally.

“If I told you that entering the world of woodworking was the most unexpected turn of events in my life so far, that would be a drastic understatement. But I’d be out of my mind if I didn’t follow that by telling you that it’s one of the single greatest things I’ve been honored enough to experience… woodworking is life,” Janine said.


After solving her storage problems on her own, Janine created an Etsy shop to see if she could help others with her creativity and craft—and that’s when “If You Give a Girl a Saw” transformed from a passion project to a proper business. However, the passion still remains strong as ever.

“If you give a girl a saw, she’ll replace sleep with coffee, build things until she can’t feel her hands or physically keep her eyes open any longer and she’ll be happier than any clam as ever been. And just like that, If You Give a Girl a Saw was born, I was reborn, and I’ve never looked back for a second,” said Janine.

Big Love for Small Business

For The Piccolo, Janine has crafted 73 pieces of furniture—with just her two hands. For every piece she creates, Janine individually sources each piece of wood and all the materials used in her products from other local small businesses in the area—which is what made her a perfect partner for The Piccolo.


“I honestly really love the small community aspect of this area and being able to collaborate with other makers. Having local lumber yards here to work with makes it much more close-knit than I think it would be if I lived in a bigger city—so that aspect of it has been really cool to incorporate,” said Janine. “Because I’m a small business, I really appreciate being supported, and it’s nice to support other small businesses in the area as well,” she said in an interview for SLOCAL Crafted.

Even the wood stain used in her projects is handmade by Janine. Because of her handcrafted process and the variety of quality in the wood’s grain and texture, slight variations do occur from piece to piece, which is exactly what makes them so beautifully unique.

To learn more about Janine Stone of If You Give a Girl a Saw, click here. 

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