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Meet the Makers Behind the Newest Paso Robles Hotel

Home to connoisseurs and craftsmen who crave and create the finer things in life, Paso Robles is a laid-back, come-as-you-are type of place that just happens to produce many of California’s most sought after artisanal goods. It’s a city with roots that go deep and where the good life is savored and shared with a welcoming spirit that’s defined our city since the beginning, thanks to those who have made this place their home.

The Piccolo is committed to giving guests an experience that’s true to this spirit of Paso Robles—and we worked from the ground up with the area’s best local makers to deliver on that promise. The moment you arrive at The Piccolo, you’ll be greeted by authentic Paso Robles craftsmanship. From the architecture of the 17,000 square-foot hotel to the custom-crafted chandeliers in each of our 24 rooms, every detail has been hand-selected to enhance the local flavor of Paso Robles’ newest luxury hotel.

As we prepare to open in Downtown Paso Robles this Fall, we invite you to Meet the Makers behind The Piccolo—local artisans, craftsmen, and creators who have poured their passions into a project that’s truly unique to the fabric of it’s home.

David Brown, Mari Landscaping

Hans Duus, Blacksmith 

Hennessy Christophel & Sofia Lacin, LC Studio Tutto

Janine Stone, If You Give a Girl a Saw

Julia Oberhoff & Jim Duffy, TenOver Studio

KROBĀR Craft Distillery

Lauren Dunn, Dunn Gardens

Margaret Johnson, Chief Operating Officer, Martin Resorts

Michael Weiss, Wine Country Craftsman

Pepe SanchezDeadwood Revival

RE:FIND Handcrafted Spirits

Wes Stallman, Jeff Martin, & Kirk Wheeler, Specialty Construction

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