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March Local Featured Item: Alle-Pia’s Nduja-Italian Spread

Although most highly regarded for its wine country, the Central Coast also offers an abundance of locally grown and produced farm fresh cuisine—slowly becoming a popular foodie destination. In an effort to highlight the incredible local ingredients that are available just outside our door, The Steakhouse at the Paso Robles Inn will be offering monthly specials that feature some of the best items our resident food artisans have to offer throughout 2018. Read on below to learn more about March’s featured item: Alle-Pia’s Nduja-Italian Spread.

About Alle-Pia Salumi

Alle-Pia Salumi is owned and operated by the talented Chef Antonio Varia with help from his nephew, Alex Pellini. Named after Chef Varia’s mother, the company is a tribute to the family tradition of making salami each winter with the entire family in Italy. In honor of this tradition, each of Alle-Pia’s salamis is handcrafted using traditional old-world family recipes and created with love using the finest ingredients available under careful supervision at their state-of-the-art facility.

The company is proud to use fresh, natural pork that comes from a supplier who guarantees crate-free, vegetarian-fed pork with no hormones or antibiotics, and no Nitrates or Nitrites, which is preserved without chemical using a natural extract of Swiss Chard.

Photo: (c) Buona Tavola

Nduja – Handcrafted Italian Salami Spread

You’re probably wondering, “what in the world is Nduja?!” Pronounced ‘n-DOO-ya’, you can think of this handcrafted Italian salami spread as salami in a jar. This spread is mixed with sundried tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, red chile peppers, and garlic—making it the perfect topping for crackers as a light lunch or appetizer. Alle-Pia recommends adding the spread to sauces, soups, or using it as a pizza sauce for an extra punch of authentic Italian flavor. Another word of advice: keep your 6 ounce jar of Nduja refrigerated after opening.

Photo: (c) Alle-Pia Fine Cured Meats

Try it at The Steakhouse

Is your mouth watering yet? Lucky for you, you can try the Nduja-Italian Salami Spread all month long at The Steakhouse in our Flatbread Pizza Lunch Special made with nduja, fresh mozzarella, and garnished with arugula or in our Pan-Roasted Nduja Stuffed Chicken Breast Dinner Special topped with roasted tomato sauce and served with caramelized onion risotto. Savor the flavor in our sophisticated dining room and enjoy a glass of wine while you dine for an authentic Paso Robles culinary experience. Reserve your table now.

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