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Let the Kids Plan the Vacation

Planning a vacation can be stressful! From budgeting to scheduling, and packing, parents often are overwhelmed with the many aspects that go into planning a perfect trip for the family. Ease some of your stress though, and maybe even some of the complaining, when you let the kids have a hand in planning! This is a great way to teach your children something new about money and also the amazing world around them. Use these tips to help you let the kids plan your next vacation!


Don’t underestimate your kids’ abilities to budget! Allowing them to understand how much money can be spent and how to spread out the vacation’s budget will give them a better grasp on the value of a dollar! You may even be surprised at how frugal your kids are when they are involved with the budgeting! Sit your kids down with you and give them the budget for your next trip and some guidelines for how far you’re willing to travel or by what type of transportation. This will lead you to your next point, choosing a destination!


Choose Your Destination

This is one of the most fun aspects of planning for kids! They will love being able to feel like they have some power in choosing where to go for your next trip, and researching all the fun places they could visit will spark their imagination. Have them do a short 1 page write up on different spots they’re interested in visiting in accordance with the budget and the type of activities available. This is a great way to help them with their research and reporting skills!


Create an Itinerary

Another aspect of planning that parents often find trivial, like creating an organized schedule of the trip, is usually a lot more fun for the kids! Have them work with you on what they’d like to do while visiting the destination and explain to them how timing the trip works. This will allow them to research different activities in depth and make choices to prioritize what they’d like to do most.



Packing is definitely a hassle, especially when you’re responsible for not only yourself, but also the kids. Here’s another element they can contribute to though, by having them research what the weather will be like at your destination and setting out some outfit choices for the trip. Give them parameters on how many different outfits they will need and at what level of formality, then sit back and relax! You can always go through their choices and add anything else necessary, but this will take away tons of stress on your part!


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