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Tips for Eco-Friendly California Travel

With Earth Day coming up on April 22nd, there’s no better time to focus on the environment and demonstrate support for the protection of our beautiful Earth and the natural resources it offers. The Central Coast is covered in green, so when you embark on your next visit to the area, we encourage you to be as green as possible, too! With these tips, you’ll see that not only is sustainable travel possible, but easy to do.

1. Skip Housekeeping Services

Many hotels, including the Martin Resorts properties, encourage guests to reuse towels and bedding during their stay in an effort to save water. When you stay at a Martin Resorts property, rest easy knowing that your stay is sustainable thanks to the Martin Resorts Water Conservation Program. Martin Resorts strives to make our hotels, restaurant, community, and Earth a better place by implementing water conserving practices, including a program that offers guests a $10 credit for foregoing housekeeping services. In April 2016, Martin Resorts water usage was reduced by 54,196 gallons and 2017 usage is predicted to be even lower! So next time you leave your towel on the floor of the hotel bathroom, think twice. After all, we reuse our towels more than once at home, so why not do the same while we’re away?

2. Use Local Public Transportation

If you decided to make the drive to the Central Coast in an electric vehicle, be sure to make use of the Martin Resorts properties Tesla Electric Car Charging station amenity and leave your car to charge, utilizing local public transportation during the remainder of your stay instead. With an abundance of beautiful hiking and biking trails and convenient public transportation, #CentralCoasting without a car is no problem at all. In fact, the Avila Beach Trolley is a free service that will transport you from the Pismo Beach Premium Outlets to the Avila Beach promenade in less than 20 minutes. With stops dropping off close to both Pismo Lighthouse Suites and Avila Lighthouse Suites, this service is the perfect way to explore two of the Central Coast’s most beautiful beaches during your next stay at either of these oceanfront hotels.

3. Participate in Stewardship Travel Activities

One of the best ways to experience the local community is to volunteer, donate to charities, and participate in various events like beach clean-ups and restoration days. Although the Highway 1 Coastal Discovery & Stewardship Celebration formally runs from January through February, we should seek to be stewardship travelers all year long. Stewardship travel gives you the opportunity to turn your vacation into something more “through activities and charitable donation opportunities that protect wildlife, habitat, and cultural heritage sites.” Stewardship can be any contribution to the well-being of our environment, big or small. This month, join Martin Resorts in supporting the Central Coast Aquarium in Avila Beach for the 6th Annual Beneath the Surface Dive & Beach Clean Up by spending time removing one of the greatest threats to wildlife, human garbage. As you immerse yourself in the local culture, coastal heritage, and natural attraction of the Central Coast, you’ll only come to appreciate it more.

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