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How to Stay Active on Vacation

Although vacations are the perfect time to relax and retreat from the everyday hustle and bustle of real life, sometimes lounging around the whole time can feel unnatural. After many days of sitting by the pool and indulging in some delicious food, you can start to feel that pre-vacation diet and muscle tone go out the window! Exercising while your on vacation doesn’t mean you can’t still relax, and being active means you can experience your destination in a whole new way. The Central Coast of California is known for its outdoor, active lifestyle, meaning even the visitors are encouraged to get outside and work up a sweat. Use this helpful tips to stay active while you’re on your next vacation, and you might even return home even healthier than when you left!

Visit the Right Place

If you have the travel bug, you know that you want to visit just about everywhere and anywhere! If you’re looking to stay fit on your next vacation though, heading to the right kind of destination, or your desired destination during the right season, can make a world of a difference. For example, although Utah and Colorado are unbelievably beautiful during the winter, the extremely cold weather means your active, outdoor activities could be cut short. Heading to these types of places during the warmer months, or choosing to visit a place like California, where the weather is much more mild year-round, means you have much more options to be active. You can also do your research to find out if your hotel has an on-site fitness room, like Shore Cliff Hotel, which can help you fit in a quick workout before you start your vacation adventures! Some hotels even offer exercise classes, like Shore Cliff Hotel each week for guests to enjoy a morning of healthy bliss with oceanfront yoga.

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Opt Outside

Everyone deserves a day off, and vacation can be the perfect time to do that! While you’re sightseeing your next destination though, take this an an opportunity to explore the area fully. Book a walking or bike tour instead of the average bus tours, which allows you to really experience the area like a local. Renting kayaks in beautiful coastal towns like Avila Beach¬†or taking surf lessons with local pros in Pismo Beach can be a great way to experience the town, have fun, and stay active all in one!

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Ditch the Elevators

Although after a long day’s travels or adventures you may just want to hurry up to your comfy guest room and relax in bed, taking the stairs is an incredibly easy way to stay fit on vacation. Whether it’s using the stairs during your entire stay at your hotel, or even choosing to use the stairs at your sightseeing destinations, this is a super simple way to add in a few extra calorie-burning steps and help break the post-vacation bloat.

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Play Like a Kid Again

Kids are the perfect example of continuously active people, always looking for more fun and adventure. Their high energy levels and adorable curiosity means they can be found running around and burning off all those calories from your delicious, morning meal! This can be as simple as jumping in and playing a game of “Marco Polo” in the pool rather than lounging on the sidelines, or even go on a seashell scavenger hunt at the beach. At Pismo Lighthouse Suites, tons of active fun in the sun is right at your fingertips with the oceanfront play deck, full of fun games the whole family can enjoy. You’ll love feeling fit and active, and love the amazing memories made even more!

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