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Hidden Gems of the Central Coast: Libertine Brewing Company

One of the best parts of the Central Coast is its abundance of local shops, restaurants, and businesses that are totally unique to San Luis Obispo County. Travelers and foodies come from far and wide for a taste of the Central Coast’s beloved hidden gems like Hoagie’s, Sylvester’s Burgers, Del Monte Cafe, and the Gardens of Avila. The Libertine Brewing Company, based out of Morro Bay, is just another one of these local treasures. Recently, Libertine opened their flag ship restaurant in downtown San Luis Obispo, which has quickly grown to be a favorite hang-out spot for locals and visitors alike to enjoy their unique ales and bottle list. While their new location has become widely popular, Libertine’s original pub is the true hidden gem, so we’ve decided to delve deeper into the story behind The Libertine Brewing Company for this segment of Hidden Gems of the Central Coast.

Origins: The Libertine Pub

It all began in a humble brew pub along the Morro Bay Embarcadero 5 years ago. When they started, Libertine featured their favorite beers from around the world and showcased their unique beer. Owner Tyler Clark founded Libertine Brewing Company on the premise of bringing the best beer selection to the Central Coast while brewing unique beers and products of their own to compliment. What makes the Pub different? Clark adds a small amount of boiled seawater to the brews like the sour fruit beer, which is made with locally sourced fruit when possible. At the Morro Bay location, the Libertine team brews about 250 barrels a year. Today, 48 taps are offered, along with a full menu, live music, and beautiful views of Morro Rock. If that isn’t enough to tempt you to pay The Libertine Pub a visit, maybe their amazing brewing process will.

The Libertine Brew Pub in Morro Bay
Photo: (c) Libertine Brewing Company

Brewing the Brews

Libertine’s unique beers are created using old-world brewing methods that include using hot rocks to heat the mash and boil, as well as cooling the wort in coolships to capture fermentable yeast, resulting in something called “wild ale.” This process allows the local wild yeasts of our area to naturally start the fermentation, and what gives these ales their local flavor. After a night or two of fermentation in the coolships, the beer is moved into barrels to age. Libertine Brewing Company is proud to say that “relying on our environment gives our beers a true Central Coast terroir.” Libertine brews three different base beers — a golden ale, red ale and a porter — which are aged for three months to three years, and then blended into different beers.

Photo: (c) The Tribune

Growing Fast in SLO

At Libertine Brewing Company’s 9,000 square-foot flagship restaurant, The Libertine, in San Luis Obispo, taste the fruits of their labor for yourself. With 76 taps, the rarest bottle list in the county, and a full menu , savor the truest flavors of the Central Coast. With a menu curated by Chef Bernard Livingston, The Libertine works with fellow local artisans, utilizes local ingredients, and incorporates their own wild ales into their recipes. Try our their rotating cheese board, featuring Stepladder Creamery‘s Rioly Run cheese washed in their Saison or the Cattaneo Brothers elk sausage, marinated overnight in Libertine’s Wild IPA to intensify the flavor.

Photo: (c) The Tribune

Convinced? Visit any of Libertine Brewing Company’s hidden gem locations during your next #CentralCoasting vacation!


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