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Green Monday: The Second Largest Online Sales Day in the US

During the holidays, it seems like the sing-song names for calendar days that boast online shopping deals never stop: Cyber Monday, Free Shipping Friday, Super Saturday, and even Black Friday. All these shopping holidays are great for your wallet, but how do you know what days will offer the best deals? Enter: Green Monday: the shopping holiday named by eBay nearly a decade ago for its high volume of sales and incredible deals. Step aside, Cyber Monday! Green Monday is the best day for deep discounts just in time for holiday gifting.

Where did “Green Monday” get its name?

Nearly a decade ago, eBay, the world’s largest person-to-person resale site, picked up on a trend in spending on the second Monday in December. $854 million was spent online in the US on Green Monday in 2009, with sales reaching $1.133 billion two years later in 2011. In 2012, Green Monday set a record high at $1.27 billion, up 13% from 2011. 2012 also set the record asĀ  the third heaviest online sales day for the 2012 season behind Cyber Monday and Dec. 4 of that year. This trend in record-setting spending repeated year after year, reaching second place in online spending at $1.6 billion in 2014. Because of this consistent upward trend in spending on December’s second Monday, the day was christened “Green Monday”.

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Why is Green Monday the best day to shop?

The Green Monday spending trend grew out of happenstance. Without marketing influence to encourage customers to shop or national recognition as a shopping holiday, what makes this day so special? Because this movement developed on its own, experts have speculated that this trend in high spending on Green Monday may have much to do with its close proximity to Christmas. On the consumer end, those who have not yet purchased gifts feel the pinch of shipping time closing in, encouraging them to finish their holiday shopping as soon as possible. On the business end, companies are attempting to clear out their inventories by this point in the season, offering deep discounts on many or all of their products so that they may start fresh come the New Year.

Where can I find the best Green Monday deals?

With it’s increasing national recognition as a day for deals on last minute shopping, a simple Google search of “Green Monday” will pull up a list of online stores marketing their discounts on goods as Green Monday deals. No matter what you are looking to buy, however, this newly-recognized spending holiday which developed organically is largely self-fulfilling. You should be able to find great last-minute deals all across the internet, even on unconventional gifts like travel gift cards. This year, Martin Resorts is offering a “Spend $100, Get $20” on all eGift card purchases. It’s no wonder Green Monday is creeping up on Cyber Monday as the biggest online spending day of the year.

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