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Get to Know The Piccolo: Downtown Paso’s Newest Hotel

When it comes to experiencing Paso Robles, we’re perfectionists. That’s why we built The Piccolo—an intimate 24-room boutique hotel in the heart of historic Paso Robles. At The Piccolo, you’ll get a classic Paso experience with a modern twist where every detail has been thoughtfully created to make sure every moment you spend with us hits all the right notes. You’ll see—The Piccolo truly is Paso perfected.

Rooted in Wine Country

The Paso Robles experience is very unique. It’s a laid-back, come-as-you-are type of place that just happens to be one of the best wine-producing regions on earth.  It’s a city with roots that go deep and where the good life is savored and shared with a welcoming spirit that’s defined our city since the beginning. But as Paso Robles has grown and evolved, so have guests’ needs and expectations. Our vision for The Piccolo is to seamlessly fit into the narrative of Paso Robles and to celebrate the past, present, and future of this vibrant community.  The Piccolo will be a catalyst for the next generation of luxury experiences that people will enjoy here.

Views of Downtown Paso Robles from the rooftop at The Piccolo. Photo by Steven Estes Creative.

What’s in a Name

In a recent interview, Paso Robles Mayor, Steve Martin, asked Martin Resorts’ Chief Operating Officer, Margaret Johnson, the question that many may be wondering: “why a Piccolo and why in Paso Robles?”

By dictionary definition, “Piccolo is Italian for “small”; a small flute sounding an octave higher than the ordinary one.” So, what does that mean when applied to hospitality?

“We have discovered that Paso Robles really does have a demand for a higher end property for many of our visitors, especially in the downtown area, so we’ve decided that we would stay small and develop the next chapter of the Paso Robles Inn with this idea,” said Johnson. The intimate nature of the 24-room boutique property enhances “the concept of a Piccolo in that [the hotel] will be an octave higher in service, accommodations, and experience,” while operating at a fraction of the size of neighboring hotels.

Where Classic Meets Contemporary

Designed by Ten Over Studio, “the building’s architecture is intended to represent an evolution of the [Paso Robles] Inn,” Jim Duffy, President and CEO of Ten Over Studio, explains: “Reminiscent of traditional downtown hotel design with clean, crisp, contemporary details and authentic materials, this composition results in a timeless, graceful blend of old and new.”

While charming details like exposed brick walls serve as a respectful nod to the rich history and tradition of sister property, the Paso Robles Inn, the resemblance stops there. Inside, The Piccolo is an atmosphere of timeless elegance marked by simple yet sophisticated furnishings, reflecting the vision of a Paso Perfected. At our luxury wine country hotel, you’ll enjoy the best that Paso Robles has to offer, right at your fingertips with our collection of premier amenities and services: you can relax with a book in the cozy library, take in views of downtown at the town’s first rooftop bar, Tetto, enjoy a taste of local wines in our wine lounge, The Piper, and store the wines you’ve purchased in our wine lockers.  However you prefer to unwind, The Piccolo will take your wine country experience to new heights.

Luxury King Room at The Piccolo.


“All the details in The Piccolo are really geared towards Paso Robles. We’ve incorporated as much local artistry and craftsmanship as possible into the property,” said Johnson, who worked closely with Ten Over in hand selecting every little element of the hotel.

From the building’s architecture to the service you will experience here, each detail of The Piccolo has been chosen to enhance the open, accessible, and welcoming spirit of Paso Robles. Guided by a commitment to transparency and authenticity, everything from the seamless flow of interior to exterior spaces; locally crafted furniture and decor; to the oak-tree dotted views from our rooftop bar, every element of the hotel is intended to represent the rich heritage that makes Paso Robles such a treasured destination.

Paso. Perfected.

As construction progresses on Downtown Paso Robles’ newest luxury hotel, we know that your excitement is building too! We can’t wait to welcome you when our doors open this Summer, but in the meantime, start planning your stay by visiting The Piccolo on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with live updates, behind the scenes teasers, and more!

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