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Festival Season Essentials

We have to say – spring and summer might be the best time to visit the Central Coast. The daily near-perfect weather makes it easy to enjoy all your favorite outdoor activities, like camping, hiking or swimming. Better yet, there is never a shortage of things to do, because many music, food and culture festivals take place during these beautiful months. Do you love live music, outdoor concerts, or delicious farm-to-table food? There are festivals that celebrate all these and more during the next new months here on the Central Coast. When you’re getting ready to go to a festival on the Central Coast, be sure to remember these things!

External Charger:

You’ll be outdoors in the sun all day – without an outlet in sight. Don’t get surprised by your phone suddenly dying in the middle of the festival! Make sure to bring along an external charger so you can stay in contact with friends and family, and post the perfect photo if you want to. Browse some options on Amazon; they are fairly affordable and will be useful long after the festival’s over!

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Pattered Towel:

This is one item that you just can’t forget for a day long festival – being comfortable makes a huge difference if you’re going to be in the sun all day. Bring a big patterned towel, or tapestry, that you and your group can relax on during breaks in the music.

(c) @thebeachpeople

Hat or Baseball Cap:

Stay protected from the hot sun by bringing along a hat, doubling as a fun accessory. Baseball caps are the most comfortable and least likely to fly off in the wind, but you could also try a flowy, summery straw hat.

(c) @laurenbushnell


We know everyone has smartphones these days with all the photo-taking capacity you need, but bring along a disposable or digital camera to your next festival! It can be refreshing not to have photos immediately at your disposal; but that you’ll get to relive the fun afternoon at a later date. And the quality of the photos is often that much better.

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As always, remember to stay hydrated with sunscreen and water! Enjoy festival season on the Central Coast! Here are some upcoming events.


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