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Employee Spotlight: Tina Jenkins

The Sign

After moving from Orange County to Nipomo, Guest Services Associate Tina Jenkins was tired of commuting from Nipomo to Lompoc every day for several years of her life. Tina had been searching for work closer to home and it was during this commute one day that she finally got the sign she’d been waiting for.

One day, Tina was driving through Pismo Beach on her way to Arroyo Grande to drop off a resume and then heading to lunch in San Luis Obispo when she received a text message from her old friend Valerie, who she hadn’t seen in months and who works as the Shore Cliff Lodge’s Front Desk Manager. Valerie was asking Tina for the name of someone looking for work with experience in hospitality that the two had discussed before to fill an open position at the hotel. Tina admitted that she wasn’t able to remember the name of the person they had previously discussed, but instead took it as a sign that this could be an opportunity she wanted to pursue. Five minutes later, Tina was at the hotel applying for the open position. “I really think that finding my job at Martin Resorts was my answered prayer,” said Tina.


Empowered Through People

Tina has been a part of the Martin Resorts team for 2.5 years now, serving as the Guest Services Associate at Shore Cliff Lodge in Pismo Beach. She’s has earned the title of Employee of the Month and is repeatedly recognized for her hard work and incredible attitude.

Some of Tina’s typical duties include checking out guests, reading and noting all requests for the arrivals for the day, pre-charging incoming direct bill and third party reservations, answering phones, assisting and greeting guests throughout the day, and pre-registering guests that are arriving for early check in. While completing all of these tasks, Tina seeks to incorporate all of Martin Resorts’ core values into her work as well as her personal life, focusing on Empowerment which is developed through trust, training, and respect.

“I have really appreciated being Empowered in my position to give the guests the service they expect. In my personal life I am in a leadership role and love encouraging others to use the talents they have so we can work together to accomplish our goals,” Tina said.

Teamwork is of the utmost importance to Tina. When asked what she enjoys most about her work, it’s all about the people she encounters at Martin Resorts. “I really enjoy my job. I enjoy working with the team we have. From our Managers to our Housekeeping Staff, Maintenance, and Grounds Keeper—everyone works together. I enjoy the people I get to meet everyday,” Tina said.

As a Guest Services Associate, Tina is often the first face guests see upon arrival at the hotel. After their drives, guests may be tired, grumpy, excited for their stay or anything in between. Because there is only  one chance to make a first impression, the welcome Tina gives them can set the tone for the rest of their stay, so it is crucial that Tina promotes a contagious spirit of hospitality at all times, just as the Martin Resorts Mission states. Tina employs a very unique method in living this mission, inspired by Thomas Wood, Martin Resorts’ Director of Human Resources.

“Thomas had put in our Newsletter a couple months ago an acronym that I aspire to live by: ‘THINK: True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary, Kind.’ Whether in our personal lives or in the work place if we stop and ‘THINK’ before we speak…we can encourage one another to create an environment that will make the guests feel welcomed and cared for,” Tina said.

Putting Guests First

Shore Cliff’s General Manager Barbara Parra nominated Tina to be recognized as one of Martin Resorts MVP’s throughout Customer Service Appreciation for several reasons. “[Tina] will always do what it takes to make guests stay enjoyable and easy.  She will research online for them if they are looking for something specific or do her best to meet their requests before they get here or move things around in the system to work out their requests.   She is also a very consistent individual, she does not waiver even if  she is having a tough day.  She is reliable and responsible and is conscientious in keeping the best interests of our guests in mind,” boasted Barbara.

Each and every one of the qualities described by Barbara are reflected in the service that Tina provides to one special guest time after time.

“We have a regular guest, an elderly man and a little grumpy. He usually does not make a reservation and arrives expecting his specific room to be available for him. I had not seen him for several months and was wondering if something had happened. One day I saw his car pull up and he was not driving. His wife was driving and I knew something had happened. I could see he now was walking with a walker and looked quite frustrated. I quickly moved some room assignments around and was able to reserve his room, print out his registration card, and was ready to make his keys when he walked through the door. I greeted him by name and said we had missed seeing him. His face lit up with the biggest smile, it made my day,” Tina fondly remembered.

Zipping Around

In her free time, Tina has discovered an unexpected love for Zip-Lining. “I never thought it was something I would have any desire to do. I went with a few of my co-workers and it was a lot of fun.” However, when she isn’t seeking an adrenaline rush, Tina’s ideal day on the Central Coast includes going to breakfast at the Custom House, spending the day at the beach with her family and friends, enjoying a barbecue, and then sitting on her favorite bench at Margo Dodd Park in Shell Beach watching the sunset with her husband.

Tina and her husband enjoy their favorite spot on the Central Coast togehter
Tina and her husband enjoy their favorite spot on the Central Coast together


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