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Employee Spotlight: Becky Tunnel

Customer Service Appreciation Week

With five premier hotels located across the beautiful Central Coast, Martin Resorts has one goal that unites each and every one of our properties: to provide the best guest experience in San Luis Obispo County. With this in mind, the mission of Martin Resorts is to promote a contagious spirit of hospitality enriching the lives of our employees, our guests, and our community, one experience at a time.  

To achieve this, our team members live their everyday lives by five core values: Leadership, Empowerment, Authenticity, Distinction, and +HUMM. Leadership means always doing the right thing and accepting ownership for our actions. We develop Empowerment through trust, training, support, and respect and encourage Authenticity through genuine service, people and experiences. We seek Distinction in everything we do, continuously pursuing the highest standards. But none of this could be accomplished without +HUMM, which means working together and supporting one another as a team to achieve extraordinary results. 

Martin Resorts is fortunate to have amazing employees across all of our properties that embody each of these values, incorporating them into their work and personal lives whole heartedly. This month, Martin Resorts is celebrating Customer Service Appreciation Week in order to honor these incredible employees that play such a crucial role in achieving the Martin Resorts mission and in creating memorable experiences for every guest that we welcome into our hotels. Keep up with our blog this week as we feature a different employee each day who provides extraordinary Customer Service in everything that they do. 

Becky Tunnel: Suite Smiles

When guests walk into Pismo Lighthouse Suites, they are greeted by the bright smile of Guest Services Manager, Becky Tunnel. With an associates degree in Fashion, Becky never expected to end up in the hospitality industry but after five years with Martin Resorts, she is exactly where she wants to be and an amazing addition to the Martin Resorts family.

Becky poses with her very own artwork featured in the Pismo Lighthouse Lobby


Becky was nominated for the Spotlight by Pismo Lighthouse Suites’s General Manager Erik Mund for her “contagiously outgoing and friendly attitude that resonates with hotel guests and the staff that work with her…her personality is truly infectious and exudes happiness.”

Having grown up in the Central Valley, Becky fondly remembers visiting Pismo Beach on the weekends to escape the inland heat, a popular trend among Central Valley residents. After she graduated high school, Becky decided to pack up and move out to the Central Coast at the young age of 17 to attend Cuesta College where she earned an Associate’s Degree in Fashion. Deciding to stay in San Luis Obispo county, Becky began working at a local RV Park soon after graduating from Cuesta College.  What happened next put her on the trajectory to become one of Martin Resort’s rising stars.

Becky discovered a job listing online for Pismo Lighthouse Suites, and having never worked in the hotel industry before, she considered it a major step up from the RV Park she was previously employed at—and she was right. As a Martin Resorts employee, Becky found her niche in providing extraordinary customer service through her positive attitude and dedication to her work.

Authenticity and +HUMM are the two values that Becky seeks to incorporate into both her work and personal life. She says that working together and supporting one another as a team are crucial in motivating fellow employees to be excited to help our guests. Her secret to success? Putting herself in the shoes of guests  to ensure a pleasant customer service experience.

“If you look around at other stores or businesses when you’re out, I don’t feel like there is much great customer service these days—so I try to do the complete opposite. Then you realize people get really excited when they find out they’re actually getting good customer service,” she said.


Her willingness to go above and beyond to help guests has been showcased in the corporate newsletter that every Martin Resorts employee receives, making her an excellent example of the quality of customer service that is set forth in the Martin Resorts mission statement. For instance, when a guest left her beloved stuffed bunny behind in a hotel room, Becky took it upon herself to package up the lost treasure and mail it all the way to the guest who lived in Italy. After receiving the bunny, the guest mailed back a photo of the bunny safe at home with it’s other stuffed friends, a happy ending for all.

Unsolicited actions like the one above represent why Becky has earned special recognition for Customer Service Appreciation Week. It is evident that Becky’s passion does not go unnoticed, explains General Manager Erik Mund. “[She] leads by example and sets the tone for staff to follow. Every guest that makes contact with Becky leaves knowing that she truly cares about their stay.”

When asked what her favorite memory has been during her time with Martin Resorts, Becky fondly reflected on one guest who took up residency in the hotel for two years.

“He had cancer and moved here to be closer to his family and then he didn’t want to leave us here. He was probably the highlight of it all. I’d always go to his room and sit with him. We put a Christmas tree in his room for Christmas time, then he took me out for my birthday because our birthdays are in the same week—it was so cute.” 


Connections between guests and team members like this one truly enrich the lives of our employees, our guests, and our community, one experience at a time, just as our mission states. Thanks to Becky and her contagious smile, Pismo Lighthouse Suites is more than just a hotel, it’s a home away from home; a place where you want to return again and again; and a place where you’ll always find a friendly face.

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