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Cambria Scarecrow Festival

The annual Cambria Scarecrow Festival is now celebrating its eighth year, as the town of Cambria celebrates its 150th birthday! While it had small beginnings, the scarecrow festival has grown into a community-wide event with hundreds of scarecrows populating the Cambria, San Simeon, and Harmony communities. The creative displays, which show scarecrows bowling, bathing, painting, pedaling, fishing, and flying, are designed by local residents.  Since its conception, the festival has grown into a unique celebration of local, home-made folk art, and draws thousands of visitors from all over the country!


For visitors to the Central Coast, the Scarecrow Festival is a great way to get involved in the community and celebrate the “spooky” Halloween spirit. Cambria is a small coastal town north of San Luis Obispo and east of Paso Robles. It’s just a day trip away from any one of our five resort hotels. While visiting Cambria, don’t miss the beautiful Moonstone Beach, and make sure to stroll through their downtown area for thrifting, antiquing, and more small-town charm! This small community is perfect for displaying such a quirky festival, where, as the Scarecrow Festival slogan states: “Whimsy runs rampant.”

Before you stop by the festival,  check out some stand-out scarecrows from years past:

The Cambria Scarecrow Festival will go on for the entire month of October. Stroll through the streets of Cambria, San Simeon, and Harmony to see hundreds of scarecrows, while learning more about the small communities and artisans that call the Central Coast home!

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