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Best Sunrise (or Sunset) Vista Points on the Central Coast

During these unprecedented times, our Easter celebrations look a lot different this year. With social distancing and sheltering in place in order,  enjoying the sunrise or sunset this Easter is the perfect way to highlight this gorgeous time of year. Watching the sunset is definitely a popular activity for Central Coast residents and visitors, but the admiring the sunrise provides spectacular, fresh feelings of new beginnings and bright futures—and isn’t that what we all need right now? Check out these spots to enjoy this Easter Sunday’s stunning sunrises!

Dinosaur Caves Park

A sunrise or sunset by the seashore is a sight that is hard to beat. While you take in the gentle sounds of the ocean and admire the still calmness of the water, you’ll remember why you’ve always loved the beach so much! Without the hustle and bustle of crowded beach-goers, this spot will leave you feeling refreshed and amazed as you watch the sky change colors.

Cerro San Luis

Although it can be a little tricky climbing this trail in the darker hours of the morning, the view at the top will be unbeatable. Grab your headlamps and some flashlights to head up Cerro San Luis trail, one of the few trails still open in the county. There is new signage at the trail directing you. Please follow it. View the kiosk at the start of the trail to see the changes. When you’ve arrived at the top, sit on one of the many large boulders and look out at the expansive, 360-degree views of San Luis Obispo as the sun rises over the city.

*Hiking trails during early morning hours may be dark and difficult to maneuver. Proper equipment should be utilized and trail hours should be monitored to ensure safe hiking procedures. Please reference the City of San Luis Obispo Ranger Service for guidelines.

Terrace Hill

This pet-friendly spot is the perfect destination for the whole family! Bring a blanket or take a seat on a park bench as you watch the sunrise over the many mountains of the Central Coast. Watching the colorful reds, oranges, and yellows turn into a perfect blue sky will be worth the early wake-up call!

Highway 46 West Vista Point

Of the few outings we’re allowed to enjoy right now, taking a scenic drive is the perfect way to stifle the stir-crazy. The view in this North County spot, coined the “big turnout” overlooks rolling hills and beach views that can only admired from this point. When you drive out onto the turnout area, you’ll be able to spot not only Cayucos, but also Morro Bay and Morro Rock. An easy adventure on a very early Sunday morning, the sunrise will give your day of a spark of magic.

Your Own Private Balcony

If you want to enjoy the beautiful sunrise this Easter Sunday, but aren’t feeling quite ambitious enough to go out on an early morning adventure, look no further! You can enjoy the sunrise right from your private balcony or patio of your gorgeous guestroom. Pismo Beach’s amazing oceans and sunrise views can be spotted right from Pismo Lighthouse Suites or Shore Cliff Hotel, perched atop ocean bluffs.

At Avila Lighthouse Suites, situated right on the shores of Avila Beach, you can awake to the gentle sounds of the ocean or take a stroll along the boardwalk, and even head back to bed after your morning adventure! If you’d like to enjoy wine country views, at Paso Robles Inn you can wake up to your own private mineral spa and overlook the blooming garden as the sun rises this Easter!

From our Martin Resorts family to yours, Happy Easter! Stay safe, stay well, and take care of one another.

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