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Where Can You See Wildflowers in SLO?

After the rains of January, February, and even March, we’ve been seeing the wildflowers pop up all throughout San Luis Obispo. This is our “season of color.” While our hills are brown and gold for most of the year, they explode with color in the spring… bright green hills & yellow, pink, and gold flowers. For anyone who wants to see the best displays of wildflowers in San Luis Obispo, try some of the locations on this list!

Shell Creek Road

In the north east part of the county near Santa Margarita, you can’t miss the display of wildflowers that turns up every spring. Shell Creek Road, pictured below, is one of the best wildflower viewing spots near SLO.

Highway 58 is complete with rolling hills and bright flowers. Photo: @pixie_wndrlst
Highway 58 is complete with rolling hills and bright flowers. Photo: @pixie_wndrlst


Poly Canyon

Cal Poly has a huge amount of acres on its property, and many of those acres are filled with green hills and wildflowers in the springtime. From February until late April, flowers such as the bright pink ones below populate the campus. The walk around Poly Canyon is especially blooming, and makes you feel like you’ve left the busy university far away for a secluded meadow.

Wildflowers on the Cal Poly campus. Photo: @parizzles
Wildflowers on the Cal Poly campus. Photo: @parizzles
Behind Cal Poly, the rolling hills of Poly canyon are blooming with wildflowers. Photo: @rileyyahr
Behind Cal Poly, the rolling hills of Poly Canyon are blooming with wildflowers. Photo: @rileyyahr

Prefumo Canyon

Prefumo Canyon is one of the best kept secrets of San Luis Obispo. A leisurely drive up the mountain from SLO will take you to Avila Beach Drive, and you’ll see a lot of the landscape of the county from your vantage point. The wildflowers, including mustard and poppies, are blooming along the rolling hills!

Prefumo Canyon shows off stunning wildflowers with a beautiful backdrop. Photo: @radlifeimages
Prefumo Canyon shows off blooming wildflowers with a stunning backdrop. Photo: @radlifeimages

Terrace Hill

This easy-to-visit spot is in the heart of San Luis Obispo, and is an easy walk to the top. Enjoy the blooming mustard plants and the views of Madonna Mountain and Bishop’s Peak.

Photo: @from.the.ashes.designs
Photo: @from.the.ashes.designs
Photo: @bilbord99
Photo: @bilbord99

Montana De Oro

This state park was christened “Mountain of Gold” due to its sprawling gold wildflowers, so it’s a must-see if you’re looking for the best display of spring on the Central Coast. You’ll enjoy more than meadows, like the salty sea air and soft golden sand of the beaches.

California’s state flower, the poppy! Photo: discover-central-california.com
White flowers overlooking the rocky beach. Photo: discover-central-california.com

 Spring is a great time to visit the Central Coast. Find out more on our website: http://www.martinresorts.com/experience/spring


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