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Benefits of Practicing Yoga

Shore Cliff hotel kicked off their summer yoga series last weekend and both guests and visitors loved practicing their best poses alongside Lindsay Carter Coates and the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Yoga is a hugely popular way to get a workout in, but it’s also a great way to work on your mental health too! We spoke to our resident yoga instructor, Lindsay, about the many amazing benefits of practicing yoga and her thoughts about this amazing form of exercise!

(c) @lindsaycartercoates

What are some mental benefits of practicing yoga?

“Yoga is a great way to clear your mind. By just focusing on your breath, you can start to let go of any thoughts and let your mind relax.”

What are some of the physical/fitness benefits of practicing yoga?

“Yoga is great for gaining flexibility, mobility and strength.”

Why did you start practicing yoga?

“I started practicing yoga in college. I was a dancer and I was looking for a new type of exercise and I loved the flowing aspect of yoga since it was similar to the types of body movement I had been doing my whole life.”

(c) @lindsaycartercoates

What do you like most about practicing yoga and being an instructor?

“My favorite part about yoga is how I feel after. I love that it’s something I want to do daily, and it never feels like a chore, or something I have to be doing. My favorite part about teaching is seeing the progress in my students. I love when they tell me how much yoga has improved their life, whether it be just being able to relax, or helping with arthritis pain, there is always something positive to be gained from yoga.”

What is your favorite type of yoga to teach? What’s your favorite type to practice?

“I love teaching my Active Seniors Yoga Class because my students are very committed. They really seem to get a lot out of the class and they have all seen so many positive changes. ┬áIt feels wonderful to know I am helping people. My favorite type of yoga to practice is Vinyasa Yoga, it’s a pretty fast pace, challenging class that is great for building strength but at the same time you get to flow from one Pose to another so it has this beautiful, dancing element to it.”

(c) @lindsaycartercoates

Visit the Inn at the Cove Saturday mornings at 10AM to participate in a beautiful, oceanfront yoga class with Lindsay! Classes are $10 per participant and first come first served. Mats are available for borrow. More information is available online, or at the Front Desk at (805) 773-3511.

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