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8 Tips For Packing For the Family

Family Vacation: That phrase may bring joy or fear to your hearts, but hopefully a little bit of both! While a vacation with the whole family might seem daunting at first, we’re convinced that with the right tips, at least the packing part can go seamlessly. Here are our recommendations for the best packing tips for the family, which can make any summer vacation a little bit easier.

1. Bring snacks

This tip must be stressed first because of the addition of more food to a situation almost universally makes the situation better. Tired and hungry kids will be quieter and happier if they are properly fed. Designate a small bag or bucket to keep treats, and keep this nearby so that you can dole out snacks whenever you think they’re necessary… which, to be honest, will probably be quite often.

Photo: (c) @vanessaolguin


2. Organize all of your cords and chargers in one place

Chargers and cords are needlessly confusing, but bringing and charging electronics on vacation should be harder than it has to be. This useful electronics storage bag will ensure that everything stays in place until it needs to be used. Simple!

Photo: (c) www.ebags.com
Photo: (c) www.ebags.com

3. Useful Electronics

While we’re on the electronics theme, make sure you bring the most useful electronics that you can. A power strip can be important for any situation, whether it’s a hotel room with only one outlet, or waiting in a small train station. Additionally, bringing an iPad for the family to share is very efficient, as it holds games, books, information, and more for everyone to use and enjoy.


4. Use an in-transit pharmacy

Don’t get caught up without the right provisions for the family! Bring along a small pharmacy and first aid kit, including bandaids, Neosporin, Advil, and more for any little ailment that might occur along the way. If you’re going to a hot and sunny destination, a little aloe can go a LONG way.


5. Beach Bag Essentials

A popular vacation during the summer months is visiting the beach. In this situation, make sure that you’re prepared for the activities so that you don’t have to waste time purchasing things when you arrive! Pack all the essentials in one bag for easy retrieval. For recommendations on what to bring, check out our blog from last week.

6. Plan 3 Days Ahead

Being prepared and not procrastinating is a much-heard travel tip… But it’s only because it’s so efficient! Start planning three days ahead of time by making detailed lists for each member of the family. The second day, taking your time to ensure that everything is there. Finally, the third day, give a quick once-over over everything and add any last-minute items that you remembered when you woke up.

7. Pack your kids’ clothes by day in plastic zip-lock bags.

In a genius idea previously shared by Lands’ End, zip-lock bags become incredibly useful. Pack your children’s outfits by day – and put everything necessary for the day’s outfit into a large ziplock bag. Once all the bags are in their suitcase, with preferably one extra just in case, you’ll feel like everything is under control!

Photo: (c) www.sweetlytattered.com
Photo: (c) www.sweetlytattered.com

8. Buy for the trip and toss when done

Another organizational idea that saves a lot of trouble relates to toiletries. Buy an 8 pack of cheap toothbrushes and some travel toothpaste – good enough for a week away – and toss them once you’re leaving your destination! Not only does everyone get fresh toiletries, but this also saves time and energy while ensuring that nothing goes missing when you get back home.


Photo: (c) www.usatoday.com
Photo: (c) www.usatoday.com




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