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5 Ways to Treat Yourself with your Tax Refund

Tax Day may strike up panic in many Americans’ hearts, but the simple words “tax refund” can scrub over those fears. Whether your tax return has come in already, is about to come in, or maybe you haven’t submitted your taxes yet, here are some ways to spend that extra money in a way that will be beneficial to you. They may even partially make up for the hassle of doing your taxes!

Take a Trip

A little extra money in your pocket is the perfect chance to take that trip you’ve been dreaming of. Don’t squander the money you’ve gained, but instead spend it on an experience! Come to the Central Coast and take advantage of our Stay Three days, Save $100 deal at all Martin Resorts properties. That extra cash can be easily saved for fun summer activities, like kayaking, dining on seafood, or taking a trip to a gorgeous winery. Our Stay Three Days deal elevates a normal weekend into a luxurious and refreshing three-day weekend. When you have three full days to stay and play, you’re not going to be worried about checkout! Take a look at our hotel properties in Pismo Beach, Avila Beach, and Paso Robles, all of which are excellent options to make the most of your tax return.

Go Shopping

Those sandals you’ve been eyeing could soon be yours! Use your tax return for a shopping day in beautiful Downtown San Luis Obispo and splurge on some new items that you’ve really been needing. It’ll feel like a great reward for the hard work you’ve put into your job, and life (and taxes) for the last few months!

Be a Philanthropist

With money coming back to you that you thought was gone forever, it’s an ideal opportunity to give back. If you donate some money to a nonprofit in your community, it can be a great way to help build programs, like allowing a children’s camp to continue their summer schedule. You can also offer to help fund a scholarship or a local athlete’s marathon training – a little bit can go a long way! Some of our favorite local non-profit organizations you can donate to include: the Paso Robles Children’s Museum, The Pismo Preserve, Woods Humane Society, or the Central Coast Aquarium!

Get in Shape

Check-in with your 2018 New Years’ Resolution. If you wanted to put more energy into fitness, now’s your chance to rejuvenate those goals! Spend your tax return on a couple of exercise classes, or maybe a monthly membership, or a new bike to explore your local trails. Putting money into your fitness goals will not only improve your body but also your mind!

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