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5 Ways to Save on Your Flight to the Central Coast

Summer is approaching; and when planning the perfect vacation, you’ll also need to find the perfect flight. But when it comes to booking a flight, there are now more options than ever before. Should you use a travel agency website, look on the airline’s website, or something else entirely? And how can you ensure that you get the best prices? Making these decisions can be overwhelming, so here are some of our favorite tips for saving money, and getting the best possible flight, for your next vacation (hopefully, to the Central Coast!).

1. Use travel agency websites wisely

There are many travel agency websites that scan all available flights and airlines for your travel plans with a single search, like Kayak, Travelocity, and Expedia. Some of these also include hotel bookings for a package price. While these websites seem convenient, they won’t always get you the best deal, and sometimes include a fee for the website that gets processed through booking. After checking out the available flights on websites such as these, be sure to check the airline carrier’s website as well; oftentimes, booking directly will save you money.

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2. Be flexible with flight options

Be flexible with your flight options; there is always a different way to take the same trip. You can try looking at flights at nearby airports, even if you’re not staying in that specific city. Oftentimes, the cost of travel to the further-away city will be less than the discount available at a less popular airport. For example, try flying from Burbank in stead of LAX, and flights from San Jose are often cheaper than ones from San Francisco. You can also choose to book a one-way flight, and then return on a separate airline on another one-way flight to potentially save some money.


3. Sign up for online alerts

Signing up for online alerts is another way that you can stay on top of your flight experience and have access to the best deals. You can sign up for email updates from your favorite or desired airlines, and they will frequently send out discount codes or special deals that you will need to take advantage of immediately. Other websites, like Skyscanner, allow you to track a particular flight. You can sign up for email updates whenever the price is lowest or when it is expected to rise, allowing you to get the best deals without relentlessly checking the website.


4. Buy your flight at the best time

Buy your flight at the right time. As the date of the flight comes closer, prices will increase and you’ll lose money on flights that used to be cheap, targeting those travelers who are buying last minute. But don’t buy too far in advance, because flights often go through heavy discounts if all tickets haven’t been sold yet. According to several online sources, between 4-6 weeks before your flight is the “sweet spot” where most flights will be the cheapest, so keep this in mind while you’re planning your trip.


5. Look into flying on unpopular, cheaper days

Know when to fly. Think about it – most people will be traveling either on a Monday or Sunday, to start the work week in a new corporate location, or on Friday, to get started on a weekend vacation. It holds true that flights in the middle of the week are often cheaper, so keep an eye out for Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday travel.


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Martin Resorts has 5 beautiful properties spread out over the Central Coast. Whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation, beachfront paradise, or a wine country getaway – we have you covered. Pick your destination, pack your bags, and let us do the rest!

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