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5 Tips for Planning a 3-day Weekend Getaway

Three-day weekends are a great chance to finally take initiative on planning that trip you have been dreaming of. A weekend getaway to a nearby beach, charming town, or internationally awarded wine country can be just the way to spend the extra day off of work.  Take advantage of President’s Day this coming Monday and spend three days relaxing, hiking, drinking wine, walking the beach, and enjoying the Central Coast when you plan with these 5 tips.

Location, Location, Location

For shorter vacations, location is of utmost importance. You will want your hotel accommodations to be right where the action is. Luckily, there is plenty to do here on the Central Coast that will align with whatever style vacation you’re planning. Our hotels in Paso Robles, The Paso Robles Inn and The Piccolo, are situated right in the middle of the Downtown Square, where events like Concerts in the Park and Wine Festival are held every year.

If you are more of an adventure junkie, Avila Lighthouse Suites is located right on the water, steps away from the sand and ocean adventures of Avila Beach. In Pismo Beach our hotels, Shore Cliff and Pismo Lighthouse Suites, are connected by a state of the art pedestrian bridge and located near hiking trails, parks, and the beach! There’s no need to leave the hotel much when staying at Shore Cliff Hotel, which boasts the largest oceanfront heated pool in Pismo Beach, and the award-winning Ventana Grill just next door. When staying at a Martin Resorts hotel, you can achieve all your vacation dreams by being close to nature, restaurants, and fun for all ages.

Photo Credits: Steven Estes Creative
Avila Lighthouse Suites | Photo Credits: Steven Estes Creative


Use Vacation Time

A recent study shows that about 55% of American workers end the year without using all of their allotted paid vacation days. But experts say that taking enough vacation time is a healthy decision, which can actually improve your productivity, mental health, and physical well-being. If you are allotted a certain amount of days off, why not use all of them? A great way to use vacation days throughout the year is by taking a Friday or Monday off to create a nice, long weekend. Rather than saving all vacation days for a 2-week excursion, you can use your days throughout the year and have breaks to look forward to all year.

Photo: (c) Project Time Off


Plan Outings Ahead

Once you have locked down your hotel, research the different activities available to you while there. Luckily, our hotels are located in areas rich with local events and daily happenings. When in Avila Beach, opt for a kayak tour or check out the interactive Central Coast Aquarium just steps from our hotel.

In Pismo Beach, a 900-acre preserve recently opened, and Pismo Lighthouse Suites and Shore Cliff Hotel are conveniently the closest hotels to the preserve. For wine lovers, our hotels in California wine country, Paso Robles Inn and The Piccolo, are centered in the heart of charming downtown Paso Robles,  just a short ride away from internationally acclaimed wineries. Looking for a second opinion on whether or not to visit? The Piccolo and Paso Robles were just rated #6 by the New York Times for 52 places to visit in 2020!

Photo Credits: Steven Estes Creative
Piper Wine Lounge, The Piccolo Hotel | Photo Credits: Steven Estes Creative


Keep your luggage light

Once you’ve decided where and when you’re traveling, don’t fall victim to the classic trap of over-packing! For only three days, you won’t need half the things you think you do. Pack light on clothing and bring layers, so that you can save room in your luggage for souvenirs. Don’t worry if you forgot something at home, because The Avila and Pismo Lighthouse Suites both have shops in the lobby, carrying anything from bath bombs and sunblock to souvenir hats and beach towels—a great resource for busy families on the go.

Photo Credits: Two'n'Tow
Avila Lighthouse Suites | Photo Credits: Two’n’Tow



Have fun!

It is a 3-day weekend afterall; enjoy the day off, go explore, take a hike, drink some wine, and have fun!

Photo Credit: Lucy Lou & Co
Pismo Lighthouse Suites | Photo Credit: Lucy Lou & Co

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