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3 Corporate Outing Ideas that are Perfect for Summer

When work becomes just that—all work and no play—it can start to negatively impact your team’s morale and overall productivity. By the time summer comes around, everyone is ready for a vacation but doesn’t always have the luxury of taking time off. Fortunately, organizing a fun corporate outing during company time is the perfect way to keep your colleagues from falling into the monotonous functions of the workplace while showing them that you appreciate all that they do! Below, explore three #CentralCoasting outings that are perfect for a summertime corporate retreat.

1. Footgolf or Disc Golf Tournament

Nothing will get your team’s creative juices flowing like some good exercise! For years, doing business on the golf course has been a common practice in the corporate world. This time, however, leave the work behind and focus on building a genuine bond with your employees while bringing out your competitive side! At Sea Pines Golf Resort, discover a fun twist on a classic game—opt for their Footgolf or Disc Golf events. Footgolf combines soccer and golf with the goal of getting the soccer ball from the teeing ground into a 21-inch diameter hole in the least number of kicks possible. Disc Golf, on the other hand, is a game focused on aiming for a Disc Pole Hole with a golf disc, ideally completing each hole in the fewest number of throws, starting from a tee area and finishing at the Disc Pole Hole. Either of these fun games are perfect for your next corporate retreat because they’re easy to learn, a healthy activity, and accessible to people of all ages and fitness levels.

2. Beach Day

Nothing says relax like a beautiful day spent in the surf and sand. For a truly recharging corporate retreat, invite your team out to Pismo Beach or Avila Beach. Ask everyone to bring their favorite summertime snack for a beachfront potluck, have a sandcastle building contest, or brave the cool coastal waters with boogie boards, kayaks, or paddleboards. The unstructured nature of a beach day will allow employees to mingle, bond, and have fun at their own pace rather than forcing rigid team-building activities on them. Planning on staying a while? Book rooms at Avila Lighthouse Suites or Pismo Lighthouse Suites to give your company plenty of opportunities to recharge and relax all week long.

3. Lunch & Brewery Tour

You know what they say, the fastest way to someone’s heart is through their stomach! Give your company a taste of the good life with a catered lunch followed by a local brewery tour. Right now, you can book a lunch event at the Paso Robles Inn with packages starting as low as $20 per person. Let your team fill up on a delicious lunch prepared by Chef Ryan at The Steakhouse before heading out on a Hop On Beer Tour to explore our area’s many craft breweries. You can even explore the Central Coast’s amazing cideries, wineries, and distilleries on the tour as well. The best part? Hop On will pick your group of up to 15 people up anywhere! You can bring waters, snacks, and drinks of your own to enjoy while riding from Point A to Point B. Cheers!

Make work fun again! Book your corporate retreat where the vineyards meet the waves on California’s Central Coast. Our hotels make Central Coast team building not just easy, but enjoyable for everyone! Learn more about our corporate retreat locations here.

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