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101 Spotlight: Avila Lighthouse Suites

Remember our 101 Reasons to Exit Highway 101 Guide? This convenient booklet and online pdf is essentially a tour guide for the best and most memorable sights on the Central Coast. Flip through it whenever you need a reminder for why it’s a good idea to pay San Luis Obispo county a visit. When you visit one of our luxurious resorts, Avila Lighthouse Suites, you’re nearby several exciting and interesting activities that we listed on our guide. As part of our 101 Spotlight series, we’ll highlight some of these Avila Beach activities here!

#59: Point San Luis Lighthouse

The historic Point San Luis Lighthouse is 120 years old! Amazingly preserved and cared for by Point San Luis Lighthouse keepers, this landmark of Avila Beach has an amazing ocean view with a historical element. Learn more about the lighthouse by taking a a guided hike up to the top on Wednesday and Saturday at 8:30 AM.

#72: Soak Up the Avila Beach Sunshine

What better place to catch some rays than the warmest beach on the Central Coast? Avila Beach is protected from heavy northern winds inside their small bay; making Avila a south-facing beach and contributing to its warmth throughout the entire year. Spend some time at Avila Beach, where a variety of different beach activities make the community fun for all ages. Have a bonfire, play volleyball, or simply tan and relax when you choose to hit the beach during your Central Coast getaway.

#62: Avila Valley Barn

Avila Valley Barn is a leader in agri-tourism on the Central Coast, allowing visitors to interact and feed animals as well as get an inside look into the inner workings of a family farm. Take a tractor ride with the whole family and explore what the small-town farming life is really like. Additionally, kids and adults will delight in the gift shop, where jams, goodies, fresh produce, cooking accessories, and more are available for sale.

#66: Avila Wine Trail

Wine tasting is everywhere on the Central Coast, but nowhere is it as easy and breezily enjoyable as Avila Beach. Seven wineries, all within a couple blocks of each other and of the beach, accentuate the streets of Avila Beach, sharing an unpretentious attitude and a commitment to serving the best possible wines.  Learn about the terroir of a wine, or about how to discern different flavor profiles, all while only being a walking distance away from your hotel, the hotel pool, and the beach. Location is everything, but with the Avila Wine Trail, you get amazing quality as well.

#69: Bob Jones Bike Trail

Also known as the “City to the Sea” trail, Bob Jones Trail is a leisurely, picturesque trail that is appropriate for bikers and walkers of all ability levels. Take your time and bring along a picnic lunch, or speed through the 3 mile trail to make it quickly from the lush forests of Avila to the expansive San Luis Bay. This trail is a great way to highlight the geological diversity of the Central Coast and to get a feel for Avila’s unique landscape.

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