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9 Romantic Things to Do in San Luis Obispo County

Who’s ready for Valentine’s Day? Celebrate love in San Luis Obispo county in the coming month. You’ll find plenty of things to do, see, and enjoy; share a kiss while watching a colorful sunset, or enjoy each other’s company while taking a scenic hike.

Give your loved one something more than a generic card or a box of chocolates this Valentine’s Day. Experiences such as these are the best way to have a great time through sharing something special and unique together.

1. Spa

What better way to relax than in natural, restorative hot springs, especially when you’re with your loved one? Take advantage of the naturally occurring hot springs at the Paso Robles Inn, where you can soak in a relaxing tub from the privacy of your room balcony. Additionally, two locations by the coast offer hot spring baths – Sycamore Mineral Springs and Avila Hot Springs. Don’t forget about spa treatments! All the mentioned locations also offer various spa services, including couples massages and facials.

One of the Paso Robles Inn's rooms with a private hot tub. PC: @missmodelchara
One of the Paso Robles Inn’s rooms with a private hot tub. PC: @missmodelchara

2. Romantic Dinner

Get some face-to-face time with your loved one at one of the county’s most romantic restaurants. Try Italian food at Giuseppe’s in Pismo Beach or San Luis Obispo, global cuisine at San Luis Obispo’s Novo, country style fare at the Paso Robles Inn Steakhouse, or seafood at Pismo Beach’s Ventana Grill or the oceanfront Ocean Grill in Avila. Just make sure to make reservations to these popular, and delicious, spots!

A romantic Italian meal, captured by @noreeeks
A romantic Italian meal, captured by @noreeeks

3. Picnic with a view

Never in your life will you find a more concentrated amount of great sandwich spots than in San Luis Obispo, including Kona’s Deli, High Street Deli, & Ben Franklin’s Sandwiches. Pick up a sandwich and some snacks, and take them with you to San Luis Obispo’s beautiful open spaces; escaping to undeveloped fields and spaces is a form of restoration for the soul. Go to Terrace Hill Open Space, Johnson Ranch Open Space, or straight to the beaches in Pismo Beach or Avila Beach.

Photo: Instagram user @visitslo

Photo: Instagram user @visitslo

4. Watch the sun set on the beach

Nothing is more romantic than a walk on the beach. The waters of the pacific are bright, peaceful, and serene at sunset, and the sky explodes in a colorful symphony that never exactly repeats. Take a walk along the secluded Shell Beach and bask in the beautiful view together.

A Central Coast sunset is unforgettable. PC: @lisamaiephotos
A Central Coast sunset is unforgettable. PC: @lisamaiephotos

5. Romantic Retreat

Take a stay-cation or vacation! The scenic cliffs of Pismo Beach, is a perfect place to get away from the stress of life and enjoy that face-to-face time that is so rare these days. When you realize that your room offers a private balcony and ocean view – so close you can feel the salt air – you’ll never want to leave! Give Shore Cliff Hotel or Pismo Lighthouse Suites a try!

A room’s balcony at Pismo Lighthouse Suites. Photo: @gosiabrock


6. Go Wine Tasting

Enjoy each others’ company on a wine tasting adventure that you’ll always remember. There are two different regions of wine tasting in the area: Paso Robles Wine Country, which offers a great variety of vineyards down beautiful Highway 46, or the smaller Edna Valley, which is closer to Pismo Beach and more tucked away. Take your pick of some of the best vineyards in the state! 

Imagine sipping delicious wine while enjoying this view. PC: @lauradienzo

7. Kayaking in Morro Bay or Pismo

Kayak away on a two-person boat! You’ll have time to talk, reflect, and maybe catch a sight of a dolphin or sea otter. Explore the country’s natural beauty by gliding through its blue waters. You can either book a kayak tour through a company – Central Coast Kayaks in Pismo Beach or Kayak Horizons in Morro – or rent a kayak to go off on your own.

Photo: @petemay
A scenic kayaking adventure! PC: @petemay

8. Farmer’s Market

Try local produce, enjoy the community feeling,  and watch entertainment and live music – this all can be found at the Thursday Farmer’s Market in San Luis Obispo.

Local produce! PC: @slohappenings


9. Shopping in Downtown SLO / Art Bar

If you want a cultural fix, check out the boutiques, art galleries, and museums in downtown San Luis Obispo. It’s a vibrant area with many unique shops that you can’t find elsewhere. For those artists out there, Art Bar at the Granada offers professional group art lessons. A glass of wine is included with your ticket, which you’ll enjoy as you swirl away at the canvas – it’s appropriate for beginners and experts alike!

Photo: Instagram user @marianaartia
Downtown SLO lit up. PC: Instagram user @marianaartia

The Central Coast has many romantic things to do! We will be your hospitable and friendly home base for your escape if you stay with Martin Resorts. Relax at the Paso Robles Inn, find peace at the Inn at the Cove, have some fun at Avila Lighthouse Suites, watch the waves at Shore Cliff Lodge, and explore a classic beach town at Pismo Lighthouse Suites. Come #CentralCoasting with us! Find out more about the romantic experience on our website.


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