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1 Weekend & 1 Backpack

Sometimes when preparing to travel, it feels like we have to bring anything and everything to ensure we are ready for the trip of a lifetime. Stressing too much or over-packing though is only going to hold you back during your amazing adventures! Often times if you really take a good, hard look at your belongings and stick with a concise packing list, you’ll find that you actually don’t need as many items as you initially thought! One sturdy backpack can usually fit everything you need for an entire trip. If you think that may be a little too ambitious, we recommend this route: dedicate one backpack to containing what’s needed for your fun activities for the weekend. This way, you can easily grab and go during your entire stay and know you’re prepared for anything! Here are our recommendations for what you should include for 1 weekend, 1 backpack, and endless adventures!

Snacks & Reusable Water Bottle

Snacks are essential when venturing out for some new experiences around town! Although it’s essential to try the local cuisine or some hometown favorites, snacks are the perfect options to hold you over until your next larger meal. This is also an easy way to save a little cash while out on the road too, since you won’t have to constantly stop to purchase food! Snacks can also come in handy when going out during long activities, like ATVing through the dunes or hiking up coastal trails. Reusable water bottles are also an essential way to stay green while traveling and always stay hydrated during your excursions.

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GoPro & Accessories

GoPros are the best way to capture all the amazing memories and destinations you encounter during your trip, without having to worry about breakable or water damaged technology. These durable, little cameras take great quality photos and videos just about everywhere you go! From jumping into the hotel pool to kayaking through sea caves, this camera will become your new best friend. Even better, hotels like Shore Cliff Hotel offer GoPro rentals during your stay, and the option to purchase the memory card for the ultimate souvenir. This allows you to receive all the benefits of the GoPro technology, without having to break the bank and purchase one yourself!


Mobile Chargers

There’s nothing worse than having a long, fun day out exploring your new surroundings to realize your phone’s battery is about to die. With amazing cameras on cell phones now, these are great ways to capture all those special moments you experience on your next adventure. You phone may also be you main source of directions or necessary for an emergency call, so having a mobile charger on hand makes your days a lot smoother.

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Light Jackets

A new climate and environment usually means it is a little bit harder to predict what the weather is going to be like. Whether you’re planning to be out until the sun goes down, or just going out for a quick walk, having a light jacket on hand is essential. Being comfortable and ready for the next exciting activity is a lot easier when you’re prepared!


MP3/iPod Player

Having music around can make your travels a lot more fun! There are tons of options for cheap, portable speakers that connect to your MP3 player or cellular device. Playing some relaxing music while sunbathing at the beach or having some motivating songs in the background of your hike always add an air of fun to your day.

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Sunglasses & Sunscreen

Being outside for the majority of your trip can do a lot of damage to your skin and eyes. No one wants to ruin the remainder of their vacation by getting a nasty sunburn, so always pop a bottle of sunscreen and a sturdy pair of sunglasses in your bag. This allows you to be fully prepared for whatever your next adventure looks like!




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