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Tasty Takeout Options

Everyone loves a good take out meal – especially in times like these! You can only cook at home so many nights in a row before take out seems like the only option – but then – there are so many options! We wanted to make the choice a little easier for you and highlight some of our favorite local take out deals!

It’s worth noting that takeout is a great option while you’re vacationing too! Next time you visit one of our hotels – order takeout and go to the beach or bring a local meal to your favorite Paso Robles tasting room!


Pismo Beach

Pismo Beach (c) Steven Estes Creative
Pismo Beach (c) Steven Estes Creative

Splash Cafe is a central coast staple! A popular destination since 1989, they serve over 30,000 gallons of Clam Chowder per year. If chowder isn’t your thing – they have plenty of other great items to choose from: Fish N Chips, Burgers, Tacos, and more. Splash Cafe is just a short walk away from our Pismo Beach hotels – Pismo Lighthouse Suites and Shore Cliff Hotel. Next time you stay with us, consider trying the famous Clam Chowder while you sit on your oceanfront balcony!

Dell’s Pizzeria has been serving home-cooked Italian comfort food to the Central Coast for over 45 years! Pizza, pasta, calzone’s and more – Dell’s is a go-to for anything Italian. Located in the heart of downtown Pismo – takeout pizza makes for a great family meal for those staying at our very own Pismo Lighthouse Suites just up the road! Not to mention, during the COVID-19 crisis, Dell’s Pizzeria is feeding healthcare workers.


Avila Beach

Avila Beach (c) Steven Estes Creative
Avila Beach (c) Steven Estes Creative

The Avila Market is one of Avila Beach’s only fast-casual restaurants offering one the most diverse menus on the coast. They offer a little bit of everything: Kravabowls signature acai bowls and Splash Cafe signature Clam Chowder along with salads, sandwiches, wraps and more! The Avila Market is only about a block away from our very own Avila Lighthouse Suites – and is the perfect place to grab a quick but delicious local meal.

Mersea’s is definitely one of the most uniquely located restaurants in Avila Beach. Located at the end of the Hartford Pier, they boast some of the freshest and most delicious seafood in town. From chowder in bread bowls to fresh-caught oysters on the half shell, it’s hard to go wrong here. Just a short drive from Avila Lighthouse Suites, Mersea’s is the perfect place to pick up food from if you want to get out of your room – without going too far.


Paso Robles

(C) Brenda Lai via Unsplash
(C) Brenda Lai via Unsplash

A quick note about both of the restaurants listed below, they’re participating in a campaign called “Feeding SLO Front Liners.” The goal of the campaign is to provide healthy meals made from fresh local ingredients to local hospitals whose staff is sacrificing for the good of our community. You can read more about the campaign here!

The Hatch Rotisserie is a simple rotisserie and bar who’s menu is based around comfort food and changes seasonally. Their takeout menu is available daily from 4-8 pm and includes staple items like their award-winning fried chicken and even to-go cocktails! Located just a few blocks from the Paso Robles Inn and The Piccolo, The Hatch is a perfect place to pick up dinner on your evening walk the next time you stay with us.

Jeffry’s Wine Country BBQ opened on Father’s Day Weekend 2018, and has quickly become a local favorite. They offer a unique style of scratch-made “Wine Country Comfort Food” from signature mac n cheeses to a long list of sandwiches and more. Their delicious menu is available from 11 am to 8 pm, Thursday-Tuesday. Located in the alley between 12th Street & 13th Street (you read that right) Jeffery’s is another great restaurant just steps away from The Piccolo and the Paso Robles Inn. Next time you stay with us, check it out!

We hope these take out options help make your next dinner time decision a little easier! If you’re looking for more options, click here to view a full list of restaurants offering takeout during the COVID-19 outbreak. Many of these restaurants have beautiful dining rooms and outdoor seating options, so once these crazy times are over, consider dining in! Until then, stay safe and stay healthy!

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