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Get a Taste of Tetto Rooftop Bar At Home

It’s always 5’0’lock in quarantine! We miss seeing you all for rooftop shenanigans, but because that isn’t an option for now, we wanted to bring a taste of Tetto to your home! We pulled together a list of some of our most popular cocktails – using local spirits of course – for you to make in the safety of your own home. Note: While we realize simply drinking our cocktails at home doesn’t quite take you to the same heights as Tetto, we do not encourage drinking on top of your own roof!

Tetto & Tonic

Nothing goes better with a sunny day than a Tetto & Tonic! This blend of gin, fresh herbs, and fruit will refresh and uplift you. This drink can also be used as a transition cocktail from wine to spirits! We’re proud to use local Krobar Craft Distillery Gin in this cocktail. You may have seen Krobar in the news recently because they’ve repurposed their distillery to make hand sanitizer amidst the current crisis. So when you go to pick up your gin for a Tetto & Tonic – grab some sanitizer too! It’s in times like these that our local artisans prove to us that there is no challenge they can’t overcome by infusing Paso’s maverick spirit into everything they do and create. Cheers to you, Krobār Craft Distillery, we’re proud to have partnered with you as one of our Makers!


Ginger & Gold

In true California style, you’ve just struck gold!  This cocktail is our twist on the popular “Gold Rush” cocktail – a variation of the whiskey sour. Made with a blend of local Krobar Bourbon, this is a sweet but bold cocktail that is great for any fan of bourbon looking for a drink that isn’t too strong.


The Black Pearl

This special creation is Capitan Jack Sparrow approved! A great twist on the classic Manhattan, The Black Pearl is built the same as your standard Manhattan but instead of whiskey we are using black rum. This cocktail makes a great nightcap!


We hope these creative cocktails bring some good times to your home over these next few weeks! You know where to find us when we can gather together again for rooftop shenanigans – but until then, cheers to good health!

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