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Five Film Fest Favorites | 25th Annual SLO Film Fest

We all love a good movie, and with the 25th Annual SLO Film Fest right around the corner, its time we honor the makers of these masterpieces. The SLO Film Fest has been honoring film on the cinematic Central Coast for 25 years, this year’s event will take place March 12-17th in downtown San Luis Obispo, Paso Robles, and Morro Bay.

Tin City: The Central Coast’s Newest Tasting Experience

Tin City is Paso Robles’ newest, most unique tasting experience. Located in an industrial park just south of Paso Robles, Tin City is home to over 20 winery, distillery, and brewery tasting rooms. Though Tin City is just a few years old, the 20-acre complex is a “drinker’s paradise,” says Patrick Brooks, partner at Tin City’s premiere craft spirit distillery, Wine Shine. This urban wine trail has garnered attention from locals and visitors for its easy navigation and full variety. At this early point in Tin City’s fledgling years, however, not every tasting destination has regular daily hours. Some, including BarrelHouse…