10 Things To Love About the California Mid-State Fair

Another summer seems like it’s passing us by – we’ve already BBQ’d and celebrated for the Fourth of July, and the days are still getting warmer and warmer and seem to last forever. But at least we know it’s that time – for the California Mid-State Fair!

Less Clicking. More Sipping.

Why spend your precious time shopping around countless online travel agencies searching for the best wine country hotel rates when you could be sipping on fine Paso Robles wine in the sunshine already knowing you got the lowest rate by booking direct?

Your Ultimate 2018 Summer Bucket List

Another summer, another bevy of activities to enjoy in the sun-soaked Central Coast. The natural world and pleasant weather makes this area a haven for outdoor enthusiasts all summer long.

6 SLO Spots for Summer Sunset Sipping

It’s one of those long summer nights, and you’re sipping on your favorite wine while soaking in the vibrancy of another colorful Central Coast sunset. What could be better? This dream could be reality this summer with a visit to the Central Coast, a region with no shortage of fantastic sunset views – and of course, local high-quality wine galore.

Central Coast Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Ideas

The classic bachelor or bachelorette party conjures up wild, party-fueled images, but that version of a party, as shown in thousands of shows and films, isn’t the only way to go! Ultimately, the point is to get together with friends and spend a fun time together before the wedding takes place, and that goal can be accomplished in many ways. From a wild and adventurous sojourn to Vegas, to a chill and relaxed camping trip in the wilderness, the choice depends on the group’s preference and personality. Some even ditch the gender-separated party idea and bring “bachelors” and “bachelorettes” to celebrate together. If you need some inspiration…

California Wine Month: Central Coast Wineries with Live Music

Live music and fine Paso Robles wine are a perfect pairing. As the wine industry grows in beautiful Paso Robles, so does our local music scene—and we couldn’t be happier about it! There’s something truly special about watching the sun dip below the rolling hills of wine country while you move and groove to eclectic performances on an Indian summer evening.  For the final installment of our California Wine Month blog series, we’re highlighting some of our favorite wineries that feature live music in addition to excellent wines, so grab your dancing shoes and make plans to check some of these…

California Wine Month: Central Coast Wineries with Winning Whites

With over 40 winegrape varietals planted, Paso Robles wine country has a wine to please every palate. While 86% of the wine produced in Paso Robles are red varietals, interesting white wines are flourishing in the area thanks to the innovative spirit of our winemakers. For this edition of our California Wine Month blog series, we’re going to be focusing on Paso Robles’ wineries with award-winning white wines. If you’re more of a fan of reds, click here. Eberle Winery Founded 37 years ago by Gary Eberle, Eberle Winery was one of the three original wineries which created the Paso Robles…

California Wine Month: Central Coast Wineries with a View

If you’ve ever wanted to visit Paso Robles, September is the perfect time to do it as California Wine Month is in full swing! Happening at the peak of harvest season, you can enjoy special tastings, festivals, concerts, and wine and food pairings all month long! With this next installment of our California Wine Month blog series, we invite you to join us in honoring all that our local vintners and growers bring to the economy, culture, and lifestyle of Paso Robles by visiting the wineries with some of the most beautiful views of our wine country, outlined below. Rangeland Wines…