4 of Our Favorite Festivals on the Central Coast

Festival season is upon us! The Central Coast is teeming with excitement about upcoming events sharing live music, fresh food, and delicious local drinks. But if you can’t go to all the best Central Coast festivals, then which one should you choose?

Your Guide for Olive Oil Tasting on the Central Coast

With the Olive Festival coming up this weekend in Paso Robles, it has got us thinking about the benefits of the olive’s miraculous oil. Research has shown that frequent use of extra virgin olive oil in cooking keeps the heart healthy and reduces chances of cancer or stroke. Furthermore, the oil is the cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet, a fatty and heart-healthy diet that is the secret to longevity in many a small Greek or Italian town. The bevy of benefits of using Extra Virgin Olive Oil is clear, but our challenge lies in finding “the real thing”. In the past ten…