The Paso Robles Inn: A Haunted Hotel?

Founded in 1864, the Paso Robles Inn is one of the most historic buildings in Paso Robles, and with history comes a lot of mystery. After the first event was held in the newly renovated ballroom in 2001, the front desk at the Paso Robles Inn began to receive mysterious calls often on dark, stormy nights.

3 Things You Didn’t Know About the Paso Robles Inn

Since 1891, the Paso Robles Inn has had an important role in the rich and colorful history of Paso Robles, but for those 127 years, our guests have held just as significant a role in influencing our own story. At the Paso Robles Inn, your stories become our history. With every tale of mysterious happenings, famous guests, and new beginnings, you’ve helped us weave a century’s worth of precious memories into one story—one of community, camaraderie, and hospitality that we’re proud to call our own. In the spirit of welcoming the New Year, we’re looking back on some of the Inn’s most significant moments. Below, discover 3 things you didn’t know…