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SLO Film Fest at Home

It goes without saying, we all have a little bit more time at home these days. Instead of binge-watching The Office for the third time, why not watch some films with a special connection to our very own backyard here on the Central Coast? Review the list below and let us know if you’ve visited these iconic spots, or just seen them on the big screen!

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Another month has passed, another month full of beautiful sunsets, beach trips, wine tasting, and more! Life on the Central Coast is at its peak during summer—so soak it up! Now that August has begun, it’s time to look back at our favorite #CentralCoasting moments from the month of July

SLO Sights That Will Make Students Say “WOW”

After a quiet summer in San Luis Obispo, we’re more than happy to welcome new and returning Cal Poly students back to our coastal college town as the annual Week of Welcome (WOW) carries on throughout this week. WOW gives students the perfect opportunity to explore their new home on the Central Coast before the hustle and bustle of the new school year begins, often including activities like hiking, kayaking, shopping downtown, and much more. With so much to see in such a short week, we’ve put together a list of SLO sights that will make new students say “WOW!” Students—as you…

Hidden Gems of the Central Coast: Libertine Brewing Company

One of the best parts of the Central Coast is its abundance of local shops, restaurants, and businesses that are totally unique to San Luis Obispo County. Travelers and foodies come from far and wide for a taste of the Central Coast’s beloved hidden gems like Hoagie’s, Sylvester’s Burgers, Del Monte Cafe, and the Gardens of Avila. The Libertine Brewing Company, based out of Morro Bay, is just another one of these local treasures. Recently, Libertine opened their flag ship restaurant in downtown San Luis Obispo, which has quickly grown to be a favorite hang-out spot for locals and visitors alike…

Scenic Drives in SLO County

For such a relatively small area, San Luis Obispo County has a great diversity of landscapes! Our coastal communities are very different and offer beautiful and unique views. The ocean mist dramatizes the coastal cliffs near Pismo Beach, Morro Rock is a dramatic backdrop for several miles of sandy beach, and Avila Beach is a classic sunny California beach town near a heavily forested area that’s perfect for hiking. But what’s great about the Central Coast is that there’s much more than the coastal areas. Rolling vineyards, scenic country views, and rugged landscapes await travelers to the San Luis Obispo area….

The Morro Bay Estuary + Bird Watching

If you’ve ever visited Morro Bay, you’ll know immediately what’s it’s all about – a coastal-inspired artisan town with a fisherman’s sensibility and a quiet charm. It’s half an hour’s drive away from our hotels in Pismo Beach and Avila Beach, but it feels completely different! It’s very removed from the bustle of the cities in San Luis Obispo county. Partly due to its seclusion, Morro Bay has some incredibly preserved ecological areas. Have you heard of the Morro Estuary National Preserve? It’s located on the east side of the Morro Bay Park. An estuary is where freshwater from the rivers meets…