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Take a Break Without Breaking the Bank on CA’s Central Coast

Spring break is right around the corner, and while that Alaskan cruise may be out of the budget, that doesn’t mean you and your family should nix vacation all together. There a plenty of ways to take a break without breaking the bank this Spring on California’s Central Coast.

State Parks in Our Backyard | Central Coast, CA

California is known for its beautiful landscapes. From picturesque mountains to cliff-lined shores, there is no shortage of outdoor experiences to be had in this slice of paradise we call home. But in such a large state, with so many gorgeous landscapes, it can be easy to focus on the popular spots—Big Sur, Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, etc—and those are all worth a visit! But it’s easy to forget about these local gems. So today, we’re going to explore some of our favorite local state parks!

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6 Lovely Things to do With Your Loved One in SLO

Who’s ready for Valentine’s Day? Celebrate love in San Luis Obispo County this week. You’ll find plenty of things to do, see, and enjoy; share a kiss while watching a colorful sunset, or enjoy each other’s company while taking a scenic hike.

3 Destinations for Valentine’s Day Celebrations

With Valentine’s Day just a few days away, we can feel the love in the Central Coast air! From stunning sunsets over the Pacific to fine wine & dining, there’s no better place than San Luis Obispo County to celebrate your love. Below, enjoy our guide to the top 3 destinations for your Valentine’s Day celebration.

Green Monday: The Second Largest Online Sales Day in the US

During the holidays, it seems like the sing-song names for calendar days that boast online shopping deals never stop: Cyber Monday, Free Shipping Friday, Super Saturday, and even Black Friday. All these shopping holidays are great for your wallet, but how do you know what days will offer the best deals? Enter: Green Monday: the shopping holiday named by eBay nearly a decade ago for its high volume of sales and incredible deals. Step aside, Cyber Monday! Green Monday is the best day for deep discounts just in time for holiday gifting. Where did “Green Monday” get its name? Nearly…

Yoga on the Central Coast

A healthy, beneficial, and fun pastime to pick on the Central Coast is yoga. Through breathing, stretching, and challenging your body, you can achieve new levels of relaxation and flexibility that will leave you feeling centered and happy! The effects of yoga are comprehensive and benefit all of you: body, mind & soul. Yoga isn’t a new fad, but has been practiced for thousands of years, and the benefits have long since been proved. However, don’t be intimidated if you’ve never tried before. Yoga is a personal venture, so each person’s practice will look a little different; you’re trying to improve yourself, rather than…

Why Employees Believe Martin Resorts is one of the “Best Places to Work”

In May, Martin Resorts Inc. was honored to be voted one of the 2017 “Best Places to Work” on the Central Coast by the Pacific Coast Business Times, the weekly business journal for Ventura, Santa Barabara, and San Luis Obispo counties. The journal surveyed hundreds of professionals from SLO to Ventura in an effort to identify businesses that have great morale, safe working environments, and the best teams—and Martin Resorts is one of them! We’d like to say thank you to all of the Martin Resorts employees who submitted a nomination for our company, giving us this amazing recognition. But…

Avoid Faux Paws: 5 Tips for the Dog Beach

With seemingly endless stretches of sand to run across, plenty of furry friends to play with, and a continuous cycle of crashing waves to jump in, the Central Coast’s many dog-friendly beaches are Fido’s dream come true.   Taking your dog to the beach is one experience that you’ll both get a kick out of, but it’s important to be prepared with the help of these tips to avoid making any faux paws.  1. Choose a dog-friendly beach On the Central Coast, we’re lucky to have easy access to several dog-friendly beaches, parks, and even hotels—making San Luis Obispo county the perfect…