Pismo Lighthouse Suites Reveals Suite Updates

As part of a continued commitment to enhance our family-friendly hotel in Pismo Beach and your experience there, our team focused on implementing thoughtful changes that give our guests more—more fun, more space, and more amenities—so you can make the most of your stay.

8 Tips For Packing For the Family

Family Vacation: That phrase may bring joy or fear to your hearts, but hopefully a little bit of both! While a vacation with the whole family might seem daunting at first, we’re convinced that with the right tips, at least the packing part can go seamlessly. Here are our recommendations for the best packing tips for the family, which can make any summer vacation a little bit easier. 1. Bring snacks This tip must be stressed first because of the addition of more food to a situation almost universally makes the situation better. Tired and hungry kids will be quieter and happier…